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Friendship formed through ATB Classic

When Tony Sevenko stepped up to volunteer at the 2018 ATB Financial Classic in Calgary, he wasn’t thinking about who would be hoisting the trophy on Sunday. He was hoping for a rewarding experience serving as a caddy for a pro he now considers a friend.

Sevenko, vice president of ATB Investor Services Securities, and Charlie Bull, a past winner of the Classic in 2016, have been friends for a number of years.

“I played in a Pro-Am with Charlie his first year on the tour back in 2015. We kind of hit it off,” says Sevenko. “He’s a great young kid.”

Tony Sevenko and Charlie Bull at Country Hills Golf Club

Since that first round of golf, Sevenko and Bull have kept in touch. Sevenko and his wife also followed Bull’s play in the Classic last year.

“He was always so gracious with his time. He talked to us before, during and after his round. I reached out to him and said ‘not sure if you have a caddy or not but if you’re in the market, I’d love to help you out.’ And, he said that would be great,” says Sevenko.

To say Sevenko likes golf is a tremendous understatement. He tries to hit the course three to four times a week. And, he’s volunteered in some way shape or form for several years with the Classic.

“Golf is definitely challenging. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, it will throw you a curveball and bring you back to reality,” says Sevenko.

The social aspect of golf is also something Sevenko loves about the sport—and another reason his time at the Country Hills Golf Club with Bull last week was enjoyable.

Tony Sevenko caddies for Charlie Bull 

“For the most part I carried his bag so he didn’t have to,” says Sevenko. “From the social side of things, it gives him someone to converse with because otherwise he’d be out there for four or five hours by himself.”

Caddying for this event is a unique experience that lets fans of the game be on the field of play with the professional while competing. It’s perhaps one of the only sporting arenas where that’s the norm.

“It’s great to get inside the rope and be side-by-side with a player that is so good. It’s just phenomenal to see how good these guys really are. And, it’s a razor’s edge between winning and finishing 40th,” says Sevenko.

But he was quick to point out that even though he is a golfer, it was not his place to offer up advice.

“It was 99.9 per cent of the time me just watching him work,” laughs Sevenko. “He would ask me to verify a yardage for him or just bounce an idea off, but I never gave him any advice.”

Bull ended up placing 42nd in the tournament this year and Sevenko hopes to continue volunteering for the Classic.

“If Charlie comes back to Calgary and is looking for a caddy I would definitely consider it.” For now, Sevenko hopes to connect with Bull over the winter in Arizona. “The Qualifying Finals are in Arizona this year. If Charlie is there I will definitely go out and cheer him on, and who knows, if he needs a caddy I would be up for that as well.”

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