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Why your metrics matter in digital marketing (digital marketing part 3)

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To figure out how successful your digital marketing efforts are, you need to know how to measure your success. During our EMERGE summit, four digital marketing specialists sat down and discussed metrics and more. Want to read more of their advice? See parts one and two of this series.​

Our panelists included Andrea Gibson, Account Director at Vovia, a premier marketing and media buying agency based in Calgary; Neil Smith, ATB’s Senior Manager, Digital Conversion; Tyler Butler, ATB’s Senior Manager of Story and Karl Yeh, who leads Brookfield Residential’s digital marketing program in Alberta and has worked in the digital marketing field for more than 10 years.

Here’s their third piece of advice for digital marketing in 2019:

Your metrics matter—and when you choose your KPIs does, too

“Before you start a campaign, decide what metric you’re going to look at,” Andrea recommended. Once the campaign is over, that’s what you’re going to look back on to decide if it was successful or not.

But how do you pick your metrics? They should align with what your goals are: number of purchases, number of people contacting you via phone or email, number of impressions/views, number of website visits, completed forms submitted or any number of other things. Knowing your goal will lead you to your metrics.

Then you decide how much that outcome is worth paying for. Andrea also cautions entrepreneurs “not to get distracted by other metrics once you know what you’re looking for—stick to your goal.”


Want to read more of our digital marketing specialist’s tips?

Here’s their fourth piece of advice on the relevance of email marketing.

​If you’re looking for more advice to help you with your business, our Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business is full of resources and advice for emerging entrepreneurs like you. And if you enjoyed EMERGE, sign up so you don’t miss any future events.
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