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After-tax incomes in Alberta, Part 2

After-tax incomes in Alberta, Part 2

Posted on: 1/16/2019 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team

Despite the recession being in full-swing in Alberta in 2016, the underlying strength of the province's economy is shown by having the highest median after-tax income in the country that year. At $70,200, the combined median after-tax income of families and unattached individuals was 23 per cent higher in Alberta than in the country as a whole. The next highest was Saskatchewan at $59,700 followed by Ontario at $59,400. Quebec had the lowest median income at $49,500.

The median after-tax income for Alberta’s economic families* was $92,800 in 2016 compared to $78,400 for Canada as a whole. The median for unattached Albertans was $34,400 compared to 28,900 nationally.

The most significant gap was between unattached men under age 65, with the median for this category in Alberta outstripping the national figure by 34 per cent ($43,300 for Alberta versus $32,300 for Canada). This difference is rooted in the relatively large number of well-paying jobs available in Alberta’s oil and gas sector and related industries such as construction. The downturn that was affecting these sectors in 2016 did not erase the gap, but it did lower it by nine percentage points compared to 2014 when the oil sector was booming in Alberta.

While having the highest average wages in the country helps explain Alberta’s lead over the other provinces, it is also due to having the highest proportion of people of prime working age (30 years to 54 years) and the highest proportion of the population that is employed.

It is also important to remember that these figures apply to large groups. The income of actual individuals and families will fall somewhere above or below the median and how well they are doing financially will depend on everything from the local cost of living to health status to family size to student debt.

*Statistics Canada defines an economic family as “a group of two or more persons who live in the same dwelling and are related to each other by blood, marriage, common-law, adoption or a foster relationship.”

Median after-tax income by province

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