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Canadians facing longer commute times

Canadians facing longer commute times

Posted on: 2/26/2019 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team


Commuting can be a long and frustrating part of anyone’s day, especially when it involves sitting in a frozen car for half the drive. According to the latest car commute numbers from Statistics Canada, not only are more of us are commuting by car, but the commute times are getting longer.

About 13 million Canadians reported in 2016 that they commuted to work by car, with the average commute lasting 24 minutes. However, nearly 900,000 Canadians (7 per cent of all car commuters) reported spending at least 60 minutes in the car to get to work.

Among those car commuters with a commuting time of 60 minutes or more, 21 per cent carpooled, compared with 15 per cent for other car commuters. The median one-way commuting distance for these long-haul commuters was 40 kilometres, compared with 8 kilometres among other car commuters.

On an individuall level, long commutes by car can affect a person's health, safety and financial standing. They can lead to higher levels of stress, take time away from other activities and affect productivity at work.

On a broader scale, the traffic congestion caused by these long commutes raises the cost of infrastructure and lowers overall economic productivity. Long commutes also increase the need for more construction projects and road expansions and contribute to the increasing environmental impact of vehicle traffic.

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