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Oil and gas employees work the longest hours

Oil and gas employees work the longest hours

Posted on: 2/4/2019 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team

Albertans working in our oil and gas industry receive good wages. In November, the average weekly earnings of those in energy extraction was $2,750 (before taxes and deductions). That’s well over twice the average pay of employees in all industries ($1,155).

But those paycheques also come with long hours. According to the latest snapshot by Statistics Canada, hourly employees in Alberta’s resource sector put in 43.7 hours per week. The all industry average is almost 28 per cent less than that at 31.7 hours. (This includes both full-time and part-time employees, so the average is below the regular 44 hours which is commonly the measure of full-time work).

Not only do workers in oil and gas put in the longest hours of work, they put in the most overtime hours—partly explaining why their paycheques are so much larger than average. In November, oil and gas employees put in 6.5 hours of overtime each week, compared to the average of 1.4 hours for workers in all industries.

Long hours were also put in by employees in construction, manufacturing and transportation—which also corresponds to their larger-than-average paycheques.

Employees in the retail sector and accommodation and food put in the fewest hours per week, at 26.3 and 23.4 hours per week, respectively. This is a reflection of the predominance of part-time workers in these sectors.

Hours worked per week by sector in Alberta, graph

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