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Poor health negatively affects income

Poor health negatively affects income

Posted on: 7/27/2018 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team

A new study suggests ill health can reduce not only an individual's income but that of the entire household.

The Statistics Canada study, released on Tuesday, looks at the the association between health and the average income of (mostly opposite sex) couples in Canada. The study found that average labour-market income is $13,800 less for men who report poor physical health. For women who report a similar health status, the drop in individual income is $14,800.

Looking at couples instead of individuals, combined income when the male reports poor health drops by $11,800 versus a drop of $28,200 when the female reports poor health. This tells us that, when the male is in poor health, his income drops but that of the female partner does not. In fact, the study shows her income goes up by $2,500. When it is the female half of a couple who is in poor health, both her income and her partner’s income tend to drop.

Until the release of this study, Canadian data on the link between health and income has been lacking as has analysis on the impact health status has on household income rather than just individual income. These statistics are a good reminder of how ill health can affect not only our physical and emotional well-being, but our economic situation as well.

Health and income in Canada

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