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New vehicle sales: the vehicles Albertans buy

New vehicle sales: the vehicles Albertans buy

Posted on: 2/20/2019 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team

​​Yesterday, The Owl took a peek at per capita spending on new cars and trucks. Despite the occasional recession that cut into spending, Albertans have consistently spent more per capita than buyers in any other province.

Today, we'll examine the kind of vehicles Albertan buy and how those trends have changed over time.

The chart below shows unit sales of new vehicles over the last twenty years. The two red lines show sales of North American auto companies in Alberta, while the two blue lines represent sales of Japanese and other overseas companies.

By far, the preference of Albertans is North American trucks and SUVs, represented by the solid red line. With an average of more than 14,000 units per month during 2018, these vehicles account for more than all North American cars and overseas vehicles combined.

Overseas truck and SUV makers have steadily gained ground. In 2018, sales of overseas trucks and SUVs (solid blue line) surpassed North American cars for the first time.

The impacts of the last two recessions are well illustrated in the chart, especially for domestic trucks and SUVs. Two large dips in unit sales are clearly seen in 2009 and 2015. Unit sales partially recovered in 2017 and 2018, but have yet to claw their way back to the pre-recession record set in 2014.

New vehicle sales, graph

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