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Weekly earnings by employees, Alberta vs. Canada

Weekly earnings by employees, Alberta vs. Canada

Posted on: 11/29/2018 | Author: ATB Financial's Economics + Research Team

​​Not only are unemployed workers in Alberta having a tough time finding work, those who are working are probably finding their paycheques stuck in neutral. Average weekly earnings for employees in Alberta haven't changed in a year.

Seasonally adjusted, including overtime, the average wage in Alberta was $1,145 in September. While stagnant over the short term, it is 3.6 per cent higher than it was during the low of the recession two years ago.

The data come from Statistics Canada’s Survey of Payroll Employment, Earnings and Hours. It is a survey of employers and only captures information about workers who are currently employed. It does not capture the earnings—or lack thereof—of Albertans who are jobless.

Compared to the national average, wages in Alberta remain the highest in the country. Employees in this province earn on average 14 per cent more than workers in the rest of the country. Nationally, average weekly earnings stayed consistent in August through September. At $1,004, the number is 1.8 per cent higher than a year ago.

The gap between wages in Alberta and the rest of the country has narrowed. At the peak of earnings in the province, Albertans were collecting pay that was 24 per cent above the national average. While that was great for workers, it made Alberta less competitive than other provinces for companies seeking to higher people.

Tomorrow, The Owl will look at average weekly earnings across some of Alberta's key sectors.

Average weekly earnings, graph

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