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Markets open cautiously higher as Clinton shows slight lead in polls

Posted on: November 08, 2016

Well the big day for our friends south of the border is finally here. Of the two least popular candidates of all time, who will the people consider the most (least least?) popular? Polls still show Clinton with a slight edge, but look for early predictors such as Florida to give direction to the results. Even if Clinton wins, if the House and Senate remain Republican then we can look forward to more gridlock. If Trump wins, I am not quite sure what to look forward to as anything could happen.

As we said yesterday, if Trump manages to pull off the upset CAD and MXN should weaken off, while you may see equity markets stumble due to the uncertainty. A Clinton win may cause CAD to rally toward 1.3200 initially, although the bias is still for a weaker CAD long term. Happy trading!

  • Yesterday’s NA Range 1.3358 – 1.3414
  • Asia Overnight Range 1.3361 – 1.3391
  • London Overnight Range 1.3351 – 1.3376


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