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We're here to help. If you run into problems, or have any questions, we're here to help. See below for answers and solutions to common client questions. If you don't find what you need here, give us a call at 1-877-541-4340 or visit your local branch.

NEW: Direct Debit or Deposit Form (downloadable)

NEW: Understanding changes to your statement

Understanding how to pay your bills at the ABM

Telephone Banking information and tips

FAQs about MasterCard transactions in ATB Online

Understanding changes to your statement, as of January 2013

You may notice some changes to your monthly account statements. These changes provide better details on how money flows in and out of your accounts. To help you understand your new and improved monthly statements, we have created two online resources:

  1. Statement Guide: Download a printable PDF of the latest statement changes.
  2. Transaction Definitions: Download a printable PDF of transaction definitions in alphabetical order.

How do I pay bills at the ABM?

Paying bills at the ABM is easy, but you need to create a bill payee list and nickname all your payees to complete these payments.

To create or update a bill pay profile, including nicknaming your payee, simply:

  • Drop into the branch and ask an ATB team member to help you.
  • Log in to your online account, and under "Pay Bills," add payees and/or nickname existing payees.
  • Is the branch closed? Call 1-877-541-4340 between 7am–11pm daily and an agent will be happy to assist you.

Telephone Banking information and tips

How do I access telephone banking?

The number is 1-800-661-9619.

You have to be registered first though. You can do that in a branch or by calling us at 1-800-332-8383. We’ll explain how to get your account balances, transfer money and pay bills over the phone.

How do I check balances on my account in telephone banking?

Once you are in the telephone banking menu, press 1 for balance inquiries. You then have 2 choices: Press 1 to choose your branch and account number, or press the # to list all of your account balances.

If you select option 1, you can key in the branch and account number you are looking for the balance on, rather than hearing the full list of all their accounts.

If you select the # key, a list of your account numbers and balances will play.

The system works the same way for account history, transferring funds, and bill payments. If you know your branch and account number, you do not have to listen to the entire list of accounts.

How do I pay a bill?

  1. Listen to the list of bill payees (alphabetical)
  2. When you hear the company name of one you want to pay, press 1 and follow the prompts.

You can skip through the bill payment list by pressing 2 until you reach the one you are looking for. Once you have selected option 1 to pay the bill you want, you will need to enter your 3-digit branch number and 11-digit account number, or you can press 2 to select an account from a list.

Here is the new menu:

  • Press 1 to pay an account
  • Press 2 to hear the next account
  • Press 3 to repeat the account
  • Press 4 to hear the list again

Only press 1 when you hear the name of the account you want to pay.

Mastercard transactions in ATB Online

Why do I see a MasterCard transaction with my name beside it?

While reviewing your MasterCard account details in ATB Online, you may see a transaction line with your name as the descriptor that shows a purchase amount. This number sums up the purchases you made in the previous month. This is not a charge, it does not affect your balance owing, and it will not appear on your paper statement. We will correct this incorrect transaction as soon as possible.

I used my ATB MasterCard for a U.S. or other foreign purchase. What are the charges?

There are no new charges when you use your card for foreign purchases. Any foreign transactions are converted to Canadian dollars on your statement, and then you are charged a 2.9% conversion fee, which is part of total amount. Unfortunately, when these transactions are sent to ATB Online, they are not being properly grouped with your purchase, so this may be a bit confusing. On your printed statement, these charges will show up correctly.

I have many transactions on my MasterCard this month. Why isn't my card number appearing next to all transactions?

This is an error on how the details are being shown on ATB Online. This will be correct on your paper statement.

EFT information and tips

Using our EFT service

ATB Online Business users have two EFT building options: use ATB's EFT Editor or use your own in-house software. If you use your own in-house software to build your EFT files prior to upload to ATB Online, and are currently using a 1464 byte EFT file format, you may need to make some changes to your file to ensure a seamless transition to our online banking system.

Download the new EFT Editor

How to verify your 1464 byte EFT file

Watch the EFT Video and get the important EFT details

I use my own software to build 1464 byte EFT files. Why can't I import them into ATB Online Business?

ATB Financial's EFT service accepts the CPA standard 1464 byte EFT file format. If you have issues uploading your file, this is likely because it has been modified from the CPA standard. Two areas to examine are:

  1. The Currency field in the header record (Data Element 8, position 56 to 58). This is now a mandatory field and must be updated manually.
  2. The trailer record (Data Element 8, position 69-112). It may be missing some numeric characters (zeros).
    Download this PDF for step-by-step solutions to both these problems.

I can't download or operate the EFT File Editor.

There are two reasons why you might not be able to download the EFT File Editor: you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, version 7 or newer; or you are using operating system Windows XP or older.

If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, version 7 or newer, download the newest version of Internet Explorer here.

If you are running a Windows XP or older operating system, you have three options:

  1. Update your operating system to Windows Vista or newer.
  2. Increase your memory (RAM) and upgrade to service pack 3 for XP.
  3. Create an EFT file manually using ATB Online Business.

You do not need to download the ATB EFT File Editor to create and manage EFT files in ATB Online Business. To manually create an EFT file, and set up an EFT file template that is saved for future use, follow the steps on page 5 of the EFT User Guide (page 8 on the PDF).

I can't load existing files with "zero" amounts into the EFT Editor.

The EFT Editor does not allow previously saved 96-byte files with zero dollar amount records. To upload these files, you must first delete these records. We recommend that you keep a master file with all transactions. For each pay period, create a new file similar to the naming convention for a work document. For example, if the master file is called "masterfile," each month you access this file, delete those not to be paid and save as the pay period (e.g. Jan. 15). Then submit this file for processing.

I can't print a file created in the EFT Editor.

You may experience this problem if your report is longer than one page. This problem has to do with the layout and/or margins set up in the report. Please ensure the layout is set to landscape, or try changing the margins to 1.0 inches. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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