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Chatbot banking has arrived at ATB!

The ATB virtual assistant is the first chatbot in the world to help you do secure, basic banking through Facebook Messenger.

Banking with your ATB virtual assistant works just like texting your friends a question and getting an answer, only with a much higher level of security. It’s a step toward a new breed of conversational banking that’s conveniently intertwined with your day-to-day life. The virtual assistant is always learning, so it might not be able to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do--at least, not yet!

What can I ask it to do?

  • Get account balances
  • Pay bills
  • Send Interac® e-Transfers
  • Transfer money between your own accounts
  • Ask how much you’ve spent in a particular budget category
  • Do cross-currency transfers
  • Show you the current USD/CAD exchange rate
  • Give you Mastercard statement alerts
  • Tell you about the features of different ATB accounts

But that’s just what it can do today. The more questions people ask of the ATB virtual assistant, the more it learns. At any time while chatting, you can ask to chat with a human, and it will connect you. Eventually you might find the virtual assistant across other platforms helping you do your daily banking in places you never thought possible--we’re working on bigger, better ideas all the time. For now, you’ll find the virtual assistant in Facebook Messenger because so many people are familiar with it and use it every day.

Chat on Facebook Messenger

®Interac is a registered trademark of Interac Inc., used under licence.​​​​​​​​​​

Read about privacy & security

Banking through ATB Online is very safe and your funds are always protected by the ATB Financial Online Banking Security Guarantee. All transfers move through the secured Interac ® network, and no confidential banking information is shared.

If unusual activity occurs, ATB Online will take the additional step of asking for your personal identification questions.

Here's some advice to keep your accounts safe and secure:

  • Connecting to ATB Online through Facebook Messenger gives you access to your accounts on any of your devices where you use Messenger. If you 'logout' of ATB Online from one device, you will be logged out on all of your devices.
  • When you're logged out, you'll still get any reminders, alerts, and notifications. To stop getting notifications and completely close the connection to ATB Online, just type 'disconnect'.
  • ATB will never ask you to type your username, password, or account number directly into the chat. Only enter this information when you log in.
  • Don't want your balances to stay in the conversation after you view them? You can delete any message in this conversation.
  • FYI, like all Messenger conversations, some of our conversation history is stored in the US but none of your banking information is stored there.
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