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Frequently Asked Questions

You must be a current ATB customer with an ATB Online account and have a personal ATB Mastercard. You must also have a Canadian mobile phone number that we can send SMS messages to.

ATB personal Mastercards (except Load & Go) are eligible for alerts. Business Mastercards are not eligible (yet!).

If you have a joint account, the primary cardholder is the person whose name appears first on your statement or e-statement. At this time, only the primary cardholder can sign up for alerts and receive alerts for that account, including the transactions on the secondary cardholder’s card.

Only the primary cardholder can see the card and sign up for alerts. If you are a secondary cardholder or an authorized user, you will not be able to see the card. If you are the primary cardholder but don’t see your card listed, maybe your Mastercard account has expired, is closed, or is in delinquency. If none of those are the case, give us a call at 1-888-282-5678 and we’ll look into it.

Yes! As the primary cardholder, once you sign up, you will be receiving alerts for transactions made by all cardholders and authorized users of that account.

Go here to start the sign-up process or, if you've forgotten your password, you can reset your login information within ATB Online here.

To avoid missing fraud alerts, sign in to the ATB Fraud Alerts portal and update your phone number as soon as you can.

In general, it is normal to receive minimal to no alerts for an extended period of time. As long as you have enabled alerts for your card and have confirmed your phone number via SMS, we will monitor your card activities 24/7, and send you a message only when we find a transaction that is deemed suspicious.

If you don’t respond to an alert, we will still continue to monitor your account for fraudulent activities. Additional alerts will also be sent if if further suspicious transactions are identified. Once you get a chance to check your alerts or your transaction history and something does appear suspicious to you, please contact ATB Fraud at 1-877-209-6613 for assistance.

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