How to send Global Transfers in your ATB Mobile app

Learn how to send money securely from Canada to 46 countries in 27 currencies quickly and easily in your ATB Mobile app.

  1. Log in to your ATB Mobile app
  2. From the Accounts screen, tap the + (plus sign) icon and then tap
    Make a Global Transfer
  3. Confirm that your address as displayed is correct
    1. If not, you can update the information on, or call the number on the screen
  4. Select the Recipient you wish to send money to from the drop-down menu
    1. If desired, you can change the recipient’s information by tapping Global Transfer Recipients in the Settings menu found by tapping the gear icon in the upper left of the Accounts screen
    2. Skip to step 6
  5. If you need to add a recipient:
    1. Tap the + (plus sign) icon in the upper right of the Select Recipient screen; alternatively, tap Global Transfer Recipients in the Settings menu found by tapping the gear icon in the upper left of the Accounts screen
    2. On the Add Recipient screen, select the Recipient Type and enter the required name and location (of the recipient) information and tap Continue
    3. Enter the required bank location and account information (specific fields depend on the designated country but in the USA, you’ll need an American Banking Association (ABA) Routing Number; outside of the USA, you’ll need an International Bank Account Number (IBAN))
    4. Review and confirm the recipient details, then tap Continue 
    5. If you’ve enrolled in enhanced security, you may be challenged to
      verify your identity
    6. If this is a new recipient and you’re sending a significant amount, we strongly recommend sending a test transfer by tapping Send Test Global Transfer and following the on-screen instructions. This allows you to send a test transfer of $15 to ensure your recipient information is correct. There is no charge for a test transfer.
  6. From the Select an account drop-down menu, select the account you wish to take money from (From Account)
  7. Enter the From Amount to send (in the CAD or USD currency of the selected From Account) OR
  8. Enter the To Amount to send in the selected recipient’s bank currency
  9. Tap Calculate Total to receive a real-time FX rate and confirm the amount (including any applicable fees) that will be debited from your account
  10. Select the Purpose of the transfer from the drop-down menu
  11. If you wish, enter a Message (30 characters max, letters, numbers and spaces only); while ATB always sends your message, not all recipient banks can include it
  12. Tap Continue then review and verify the transfer details for accuracy
  13. Tap Submit to complete the transfer; delivery may take 1-3 business days

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