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Successful investing made simple

By ATB Wealth 26 February 2019 2 min read

For many new investors, the world of bonds and equities can seem complicated and intimidating, especially during turbulent times.

Ensuring that your money is managed responsibly and obtaining the right level of growth that you need can be difficult, especially when you consider risk. Thankfully, ATB’s approach to investing makes successful investing simple without being simplistic.


The Compass Portfolios

ATB Investment Management’s Compass portfolio funds are industry recognized, and designed to bring a range of returns for a wide variety of investors.

Six different portfolios provide a spectrum of investment options ranging from low-risk, stable returns to higher-risk funds designed for maximum growth potential. The most conservative fund is made up predominantly of bonds that can handle the negative effects of rising interest rates, while the Maximum Growth fund is invested entirely in the shares of companies based in Canada and worldwide. The portfolios aim to provide different mixes of bonds and stocks to suit the different needs of investors.

The Compass portfolios have delivered consistent returns since their 2002 inception. But what’s the secret recipe to how they manage risk and volatility?


It starts with the right manager

The investment method

“We don’t make individual stock and bond selections in-house,” says Gene. “Instead, we partner with investment sub-advisors who have the capacity and expertise to dig into the many different sectors and geographical areas, like international and U.S. stocks, or corporate bonds.”

“My job includes selecting and overseeing those sub-advisors, who are typically institutionally-focused. We try to find sub-advisors who have proven they can perform well during downturns.”


Balancing growth with risk mitigation

One key aspect is to invest only in solid, well-managed companies. “We don’t follow fads like bitcoin or marijuana,” says Gene. “Our sub-advisors look at businesses that generate revenue and profits regardless of what happens in the market. If the business is speculative, the Compass portfolios won’t own it.”

Another key is diversification – ensuring you don’t have all your investment eggs in one basket. “We hold a wide selection of stocks, across different geographical areas,” says Gene. “We don’t concentrate on just one country, industry or stock.”

“We don’t fly blind either,” Gene adds. “We control our asset mix depending on what is going on in the market. For example, our sub-advisors were underweight in energy and materials companies when oil and gold prices were flying high, which helped mitigate risk. We’re strategically diversified, so there’s almost zero chance of the portfolio blowing up, unless the world market collapses.”


Why choose the Compass Portfolio series?

If you’re looking for a simple but not simplistic way to grow your savings, the Compass Portfolios can provide you with a mix of bonds and stocks that will suit your investment goals.

“We have a strong set of external sub-advisors who are independent of our company, which allows us the objectivity that most of our competitors don’t have,” says Gene.

“The Compass fees are also typically a half-percent per year lower than our competitors,” Gene adds.

To find out the best way to grow your savings with the Compass Portfolio, call us at 1-800-332-8383 or find a local advisor here.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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