A disciplined approach

Portfolio design

Reflect the discipline, simplicity and clarity that’s in everything we do.

At ATB Investment Management Inc., we believe that a trusted investment manager should do more than manage investments. It should also build the confidence of investors in their portfolios and ultimately their financial futures.

That’s why we stand by our investment philosophy, which for two decades has helped investors to navigate through changing market cycles. That’s also why we’re committed to simplicity and transparency. Investors should understand their investments

Our strong investment discipline and preference for simplicity and clarity means that, when markets inevitably experience turmoil, our investors understand how and why their portfolios are structured for resilience. This allows ATBIM to stay the course and be opportunistic in all types of market environments, rather than reactionary when the latest investing fad doesn’t work out.

Ultimately our goal is to be predictable for our investors. Over time, the more comfort they have with our unwavering investment philosophy, the greater chance they will trust the process and remain invested. This will lead to success in their long-term investment endeavors.

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