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Thrive on our strong partnerships with select, specialized investment managers.

At ATB Investment Management Inc., one of the few things we’re absolutely certain of is that no one knows everything. That’s why we don’t just diversify across stocks, regions and industries; we also diversify across investment management firms. ATBIM uses an independent business model, which is a rare thing in our industry. This means the professionals who choose the individual bonds and stocks that make up our portfolios are not limited to our in-house team.

Expanding our talent pool to include external managers allows ATBIM to select those that are the best at what they do. Connecting investors to the best expertise, wherever it’s found, provides assurance that we’re putting their interests first.


ATBIM's investment sub-advisors:

Blackrock Investment Management Canada Ltd.
A leader in managing index funds and exchange traded funds

BMO Global Asset Management
An asset manager with global reach, and a leader in exchange traded funds

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.
Privately held money manager specializing in corporate bonds

Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.
Investment decisions guided by 12 cardinal rules

Cidel Asset Management Inc.
A focus on core quality and the sustained cash flows of companies

CMLS Financial Ltd.
Commercial mortgage portfolios for private and institutional investors

Kensington Capital Partners Ltd.
Diversified portfolio of top performing private equity investments

Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
Wealth creating companies trading at a discount to their intrinsic values

TriWest Capital Management Corp.
Management buy-outs, growth financings and corporate divestitures


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