A Value-Driven Approach

Disciplined strategies

Our portfolios are designed and managed with expert input and clear analysis.

We keep on-strategy so you keep moving towards your goals.

Staying on strategy in an investment climate that is continually influenced by crises, confused by media commentary and plagued by investment fads takes discipline. ATB Investment Management Inc. (ATBIM) takes strategic action on the rare occasion when something fundamental changes in the market—but we don’t follow the herd in the hopes of making a quick buck. We make decisions that are calculated and strategic. 

Our expert team manages, oversees and rebalances our portfolios.

We're always working to help you achieve your goals. Our portfolios are supported by a layered governance structure that ensures accountability for its performance. At the top, ATBIM’s portfolio managers determine the overall portfolio strategies and monitor the sub-advisors’ activity and performance. Our portfolio managers make the tough calls and are ultimately responsible for your portfolio’s performance. They are supported with insight from our Investment Committee and external consultants.

External firms are accountable to ATB Investment Management Inc. and you.

ATBIM hires external investment firms to provide specialized knowledge within the asset categories determined by the portfolio manager. Investment firms are the sub-advisors who buy and sell the actual securities in your portfolio. 

We rebalance portfolios based on careful data analysis.

Regular rebalancing of each Compass Portfolio is essential to maintaining its risk return profile. Rebalancing realigns your portfolio to its initial asset class weightings in order to prevent overexposure to any one asset class. Regular rebalancing also mitigates the risks of market timing and takes the emotions out of investment decisions. 

Setting goals and targets provides a reference point for rebalancing when asset class values change. Because the value of each asset category rises and falls against another, rebalancing sells assets that went up in value and buys others that have gone down in value. This brings the portfolio back to the initial reference point.

Rebalancing is a continuous fine tuning process that helps provide you maintenance-free investing so you have more time to live your life.

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