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Low fees

We charge less so you can save more.

We offer highly competitive fees compared to our competitors.

ATB Investment Management Inc. (ATBIM) is one of the lower cost investment managers in Canada compared to competitors. We invest hundreds of millions of dollars by pooling a large number of investor monies together, giving us the scale to negotiate lower fees. Then we pass the savings along to you. 

We also use low-cost indexing when we don’t believe paying sub-advisors will add enough value. Low fees are important because all other things being equal, lower-fee funds generate a better return than higher-fee funds.

You might think that one percent or half-a-percent lower fees aren’t a big difference, but when you’re talking about your life savings – fees really do matter. Depending on the size of your portfolio, the fees you save by investing in Compass Portfolios could add up to a new car or even an education for your children over the long term.

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