A Value-Driven Approach

Portfolio design

Strategic, diversified portfolio design offers growth while managing risk.

Portfolio diversification protects you against the unexpected.

Each Compass Portfolio is diversified through asset classes, geography, markets and sectors, to cast a wide net for opportunities and withstand shocks to individual investments. 

Our sub-advisors analyze a mountain of data, but no one can predict the future with perfect clarity. Billions of people, new technologies, politicians and events beyond our control are constantly interacting to influence your portfolio. We do know the diverse asset mix and investment strategies in Compass Portfolios have helped investors succeed for over 15 years. 

Equities and bonds. Opposites work well together.

Each Compass Portfolio contains varying percentages of equity and bond investments, plus some combination of alternative investments, like real estate investment trusts, commercial real estate and private equity. The balance of equities and fixed income in your portfolio determines its risk level.

Bonds provide stable, reliable investment returns.

Bonds traditionally provide greater stability and predictability compared to equities. The trade off is the lower potential return of bonds. But not all bonds are created equal. Higher quality bonds carry less risk, while higher risk bonds can have a greater chance of losing money, but greater chance to make more money. Bonds can be complex, but Compass Portfolio sub-advisors perform the necessary in-depth credit analysis to find the opportunities for longer term success, while mitigating downside risks.

Equities offer greater potential growth.

Equities represent an ownership interest in a company. Compass Portfolios invest in large and smaller companies in Canada, the US and around the world. Equities are higher risk and provide higher potential returns because investment performance is tied to the success of the business. If you have a significant amount of time before you will need to draw off from your investments, you can better handle the ups and downs of an equity portfolio and will benefit from the higher rates of return. As you get closer to retirement, it makes sense to add bonds to reduce the volatility of your portfolio.

Access the portfolio model used by expert investment strategists

Compass Portfolios invests worldwide in equities and bonds, plus alternative investments including real estate investment trusts (REITs), commercial mortgages and private equity. The combination of traditional and alternative assets in each Compass Portfolio seeks to deliver higher returns for the same level of risk. 

On a risk-return basis, REITs, commercial mortgages and private equity make very attractive investments as part of your diversified portfolio. Alternative assets have different characteristics that complements well with a portfolio of more traditional asset classes such as bonds and equities. Alternative investments have the potential to reduce equity market risk and portfolio volatility, while potentially offering a higher return due to their unique characteristics.

Active or passive investing? We do both. ATB Investment Management Inc. will pay sub-advisors to analyze and pick individual securities when we believe there’s a chance to find opportunities others may have overlooked. We invest in less costly market indexes when we don’t believe paying sub-advisors will add enough value to cover their fees.

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