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You’ll benefit from our highly regarded team of expert sub-advisors.

We work with some of the best investment managers in Canada.

Compass Portfolios are not constrained by the expertise of an in-house team of investment managers. Our success comes from the combination of high-level strategy and oversight provided by our in-house portfolio managers and supplemented by an investment committee, consultants, and execution by external sub-advisors who specialize in specific investment types.

By combining our team of investment experts with the right team of external sub-advisors, we create an arms-length relationship between ATBIM and our sub-advisors. This enhances our ability to evaluate our sub-advisors objectively. Because we are not restricted by the expertise within our own backyard, we can create an all-star team of sub-advisors by seeking out some of the most well respected investment firms across Canada. The investment firms below earned and maintain a spot on our team because they share the same investment focus that complements our investment philosophy.

Compass' trusted investment firms

Blackrock Investment Management Canada Ltd.
A leader in managing index funds and exchange traded funds

BMO Global Asset Management
An asset manager with global reach, and a leader in exchange traded funds

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.
Privately held money manager specializing in corporate bonds

Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.
Investment decisions guided by 12 cardinal rules

Cidel Asset Management Inc.
A focus on core quality and the sustained cash flows of companies

CMLS Financial Ltd.
Commercial mortgage portfolios for private and institutional investors

Franklin Templeton Investments Ltd.
Exceptional risk-adjusted growth over the long term

Kensington Capital Partners Ltd.
Diversified portfolio of top performing private equity investments

Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
Wealth creating companies trading at a discount to their intrinsic values

TriWest Capital Management Corp.
Management buy-outs, growth financings and corporate divestitures

We curate investment opportunities from outside public markets.

Alternative investments are three more ways we diversify. Compass Portfolios’ purchasing power grants us access to investment opportunities otherwise not accessible to individuals. These opportunities include Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Commercial Mortgages and Private Equity. By pooling monies together, not only do we have access, we have choices in selecting top pedigree sub-advisors for each alternative investment. Alternative asset classes complement equity and bond investments by potentially altering the risk characteristics of each portfolio. This translates to the possibility for higher rates of return while managing volatility over market cycles.

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