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Fixed Income Pool Fund

With ATB Investment Management Inc. funds, you can earn interest income by investing primarily in fixed income securities or bonds hedged to the Canadian dollar.

Invest for the medium-to-long term with reduced volatility bonds

The Fixed Income Pool Fund provides diverse, well-managed fixed-income investments issued by Canadian governments and Canadian and international corporations.

This fund is ideal if you’re an investor looking to limit your exposure to market volatility in exchange for moderate returns. It also helps diversify your fixed income asset class exposure by both manager and credit quality.

Pool Funds are managed by ATB Investment Management Inc.

We use the deep expertise of our portfolio managers who utilize sub-advisors to help execute on their strategy. Our sub-advisors are continually evaluated by our portfolio managers on their performance, investment philosophy and security selection process to ensure we manage risk and deliver sustainable returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Investors who:

  • have a short-term investment horizon
  • are looking to earn interest income with potential for some capital appreciation
  • are willing to accept modest fluctuations in the value of their investments and low investment risk
  • wish to diversify their asset class exposure by investment manager and management style
  • want professional advice in choosing and monitoring their asset mix

This fund is not a good fit for you if you're looking for long-term capital appreciation.

The Fixed Income Pool investments are managed and benefit from the expertise of advisors from BlackRock Investment Management Canada Ltd., BMO Asset Management, Canso Investment Counsel Ltd and CMLS Financial Ltd.

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