Private Investment Counsel

We offer investment counselling to individuals, holding companies, family foundations, trusts and estates with a minimum $2 million investment.

Lean on trusted insight from experienced investment counselors.

Private Investment Counselling (PIC) services from ATB Investment Management Inc. are tailored to high net worth individuals and families who would benefit from holistic planning and discretionary investment solutions. Our investment counselors hold a fiduciary duty to their clients to place their interests first in a discretionary relationship.

Benefit from personalized investment solutions.

ATB Private Investment Counsel provides tailor-made solutions and boutique-like services, integrating a balance of local insight with global reach. We work with your ATB Wealth specialists to distill the complex, delivering a simple and elegant approach to wealth management that works for your investment time horizon, your risk-and-return outlook and your unique circumstances.

Our long-term focus sets us apart, effectively safeguarding and cultivating your wealth through life’s changes and challenging situations. From succession and estate planning, to philanthropic and tax counsel, your ATB team can better protect your legacy against unintended consequences.

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Visit the new ATB Investment Management Inc. site to learn how our private investment counselors can help you build and manage your wealth for years to come.

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