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 Merchant Services Overview


At the end of the day, it’s all about getting paid.

Customers rely on you to make it easy for them to make purchases, and we make it easy for you to help them out. After all, what’s more important to your business than getting paid?

Our ATB payment solutions lets you collect payment in whatever way works best for your business and your customers, and our payment services help you to make your payment processes more efficient. 

Payment solutions

In-Store Point-of-Sale Hassle-free processing with the ability to process both magnetic-strip and chip cards. Mobile Point-of-Sale Mobile point-of-sale terminals that allow your drivers to collect payment on the spot. E-Commerce Process all major online payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and INTERAC Online, in a secure, real-time environment. Telephone & Mail Orders IVR works with virtually any touch-tone phone, and no terminal rental is required. Gift Card Services Looking for new ways to increase revenue? Encourage repeat customer visits? Remain competitive in the marketplace? Integrated Solutions Improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of transaction processing.

Payment services

Online reporting
Consolidate your data to be viewed online or imported into spreadsheets and accounting packages for financial analysis.

Order supplies
Order your payment solution supplies online.

Download payment solution manuals
Get immediate access to the complete manuals for your payment solution devices.

Contact merchant services to open an account

Code of conduct commentary

ATB’s goal is to not only meet the code but to exceed it. At all times, ATB merchants will know that we not only value their relationship, we take diligent steps to ensure that the merchant is protected and respected to levels beyond those set upon us by the Federal Government.

For more information: Federal Government code of conduct

For more information about merchant services call 1-888-428-2767. 

Not only are merchants able to talk to a 'real person', our Support Centre is located in Canada.

In addition to having our Support Centre in Canada, should the need be, replacement equipment is also located in various locations throughout Alberta making response to technical issues very efficient compared to many of our foreign based competitors.