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 Online Tax Filing


The ATBOnline Government Tax Filing service (Can-Act) allows you to pay and file federal and provincial business taxes via the Internet.

This service is designed to benefit all business customers who want a simpler and faster way to pay business taxes.

Can-Act payment options

  • Payroll Source Deductions
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • GST
  • PST
  • Harmonized GST
  • Harmonized PST

Important information to know

Payments made on the Government Payment & Filing Service are processed overnight. This means that if your taxes are due tomorrow, you must enter the payment today before midnight Mountain Standard Time (MST). The payment will be value-dated for the next business day and the actual funds will not be taken out of your account until the value date.

Only one account can be specified for government payments and the designated user of the service must have sole authority to affect the payment on the account.

Service charges:

A one time set-up fee of $19.95 is charged to the account and then $2.00 per payment/filing will be charged to the account that you select for all your Government Tax Filing service charges.

An inactive fee of $1.00 per month is charged when no payments have been made in that month.

How to enrol

Enrolling for the ATB Online Government Tax Filing Service is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Print off and complete the Enrolment Form(PDF - 98k)
  2. Ensure the form is accurately completed and signed by the authorized signing officer(s).
  3. Forward the completed form to your Relationship Manager or ATB branch.

If you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact 1-888-655-5152 (toll-free).

The files above are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, click the icon to the left to download the free reader.

Available Government Creditors—as of Dec., 2003:


  • Federal Payroll Deductions - Regular (source deductions less than $15,000 monthly)
  • Federal Payroll Deductions - Threshold 2 (source deductions over $50,000 monthly)
  • Federal Payroll Deductions - Threshold 1 (source deductions $15,000 – $50,000 monthly)
  • Federal - Corporation Tax Payments
  • Federal Personal Tax Instalments
  • Federal GST Return (GST34)
  • Federal GST Remittance (GST58)

Provincial - Alberta

  • Alberta Finance - Corporate Income Tax
  • Alberta Finance - Fuel Tax Collectors
  • Alberta Finance - Fuel Tax - Railway Companies
  • Alberta Finance - Health Costs Recovery
  • Alberta Finance - Tourism Levy
  • Alberta Finance - Insurance Corporations Tax
  • Alberta Finance - International Fuel Tax (IFTA)
  • Alberta Finance - Propane Tax Collectors
  • Alberta Finance - Tobacco Tax
  • Alberta School Employee Benefit Payment
  • Alberta School Employee Health Spending Account
  • Alberta Teacher's Association Payment
  • Alberta Teacher's Retirement Payment

Provincial - British Columbia

  • British Columbia Social Service Tax (Provincial Sales Tax)

Provincial - Ontario

  • Ontario - Corporation Tax
  • Ontario - Employer Health Tax
  • Ontario Retail Sales Tax (Return)
  • Ontario Retail Sales Tax (Payment)
  • Family RESP Office - Ontario Payment

Provincial - Quebec

  • Quebec Collection of Support Payments
  • Quebec - Combined Sales Tax and GST (TVQ & TPS)
  • Quebec - Combined Sales Tax and GST Instalment
  • Quebec - Corporate Instalment Remittance
  • Quebec - GST Instalment
  • Quebec - GST Remittance
  • Quebec - Payroll Source Deductions - Monthly
  • Quebec - Payroll Source Deductions - Quarterly
  • Quebec - Payroll Source Deductions - Twice Monthly
  • Quebec - Payroll Source Deductions - Weekly
  • Quebec - Personal Instalment Remittance
  • Quebec - Sales Tax Instalment (QSTIN)
  • Quebec - Sales Tax Remittance (QST)

Provincial - Saskatchewan

  • Saskatchewan Corporate Capital Tax Instalment
  • Saskatchewan Fuel Tax
  • Saskatchewan Liquor Consumption Tax
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
  • Saskatchewan Retailer Tobacco Tax
  • Saskatchewan Wholesale Tobacco Tax

Provincial - Nova Scotia

  • WCB of Nova Scotia Premium
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