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 Overdraft Protection


Avoid the embarrassment (and fees) of having items returned NSF with ATB’s Overdraft Protection.

You’ll have the comfort you need, knowing that your chequing account can be overdrawn to a pre-determined amount1 if required.


  • It’s easy to access funds when you need to. Your overdraft protection is attached to your ATB chequing account. If there’s not enough money in your chequing account to cover your transactions, funds are automatically drawn from your overdraft protection (up to your authorized limit).
  • Repayment is flexible. Choose to make the required minimum monthly interest payment on the outstanding balance, or pay more—up to the entire balance. Note that you do need to bring your chequing account to a positive balance at least once every 30 days.
  • There’s no monthly fee—you pay interest only if you use the overdraft protection. Interest is calculated daily on the daily closing overdrawn balance at 19.25% per annum, charged and payable monthly.
  • Your overdraft has no expiry date—it’s yours as long as you need it.

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An alternative to overdraft protection is ATB's personal line of credit. It allows you flexibility to access funds on a more regular basis and at a lower interest rate as the need arises.

1Overdraft protection is based on approved credit. Terms and conditions may apply.