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 Personal Line of Credit


Write your own loan with an ATB line of credit.

A line of credit1 lets you enjoy ongoing approval to borrow funds up to a pre-established limit as often as you wish.

It's ready cash when you really need it: for travel emergencies or car repairs, or to take advantage of one-time bargains. A line of credit also protects your linked chequing account from overdrafts or from cheques being returned because of inadequate funds.

An ATB line of credit offers many advantages over conventional loans:

  • The cost of borrowing is low. You pay a variable interest rate based on our prime rate and only on the amount you borrow.
  • Repayment is flexible. Choose to make only the required minimum monthly interest payment on the outstanding balance, or pay more—up to the entire balance.
  • Accessing your funds is easy. Use your ATB customer card, write a cheque, withdraw cash in-branch, or transfer funds through ATB Online™, ATB Mobile, or telephone banking.
  • It’s yours as long as you need it. You only have to apply once, and when you pay off your line of credit it automatically renews itself so that money’s available when you need it.

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1All lines of credit are based on approved credit. Terms and conditions may apply.