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ATB Wealth Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Reference Guide

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A source for all you need to know about RRSPs.

The ATB Wealth RRSP Reference Guide lays out a roadmap for managing an RRSP, from calculating and accessing your annual contribution limit to making a decision about RRSP maturity options.

The guide contains general rules, specific figures, important dates and situational examples that form a comprehensive view of how and why RRSPs encourage the achievement of long-term savings goals.

Designed to empower you to reach your retirement goals, the RRSP Reference Guide provides detailed explanations of the following topics to ensure you maximize your savings:

  • Tax advantages and tax rules for RRSPs
  • RRSP vs. TFSA vs. LIRA
  • Tips for making the most of your RRSP
  • Spousal and common-law partners RRSP
  • Group RRSPs and RRSP loans
  • Handling the death of an RRSP annuitant
  • RRSP considerations for non-residents
  • And, more!

Please note that this guide is not a replacement for professional financial advice. Rather, we hope you can use the knowledge you take away—alongside the advice of your financial advisor—to build a financially secure and comfortable retirement for your future.

Looking for more information on retirement? Check out our step-by-step retirement guide—it’s here to help lead you through every stage of your retirement journey.


The ATB Wealth RRSP Reference Guide

Everything you need to know about RRSPs—in one guide!

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