ATBFX.COM Technical Issues

Our apologies, we can't connect to ATB FX at this time. We appreciate your patience while we work on the platform.

The following FAQs may address your immediate questions. If not, the Financial Markets Group is available to assist by phone during regular office hours.

Frequently asked questions

How long will ATB FX be unavailable?

ATB FX is temporarily unavailable and will be up shortly. You can still perform transactions by calling our Financial Markets Group at 1-855-282-3939 (282-3939).

Will my scheduled payments still go as planned?

If you have delivery details that you have completed and approved for your transactions, they’ll be processed as normal.
For help completing your settlement, please connect with our ATB FX Support Team by calling 1-855-282-3939 (282-3939) and choosing option 1.

What are the Financial Markets Group’s business hours?

The desk is open Monday to Thursday 7am to 4pm (MDT) and Friday 7am to 3pm (MDT).

Should you need assistance once the platform is back up, our ATB FX Support Team will be happy to assist you during business hours. Simply call 1-855-282-3939 (282-3939).