Advice for Alberta businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: Moving business forward in times of crisis

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Minimizing disruption, identifying opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has reverberated across every business sector, forcing many business leaders to make hard decisions around how they can best pivot in order to face this new economy head on.

We’ve created this new workbook full of the industry leading advice and guidance you may need to address disruption to many areas of your business, helping you not only recover, but rebuild effectively in order to thrive well into the future.

There’s no better time than now for business owners to shift their attention towards recovery efforts, strengthening their companies to be the market leaders of tomorrow.

ATB COVID-19 Recovery Workbook

Address disruption to many areas of your business, to help you not only recover, but rebuild effectively.

This workbook series is designed in two parts:

The first part will focus on helping business owners recover from the recent crisis by providing advice and ideas in areas such as scenario mapping, cash flow, supply chain management, staffing and transitioning your business. With actionable exercises to each section, we hope you can gain deeper insight into assessing today’s new reality and forecasting the strongest strategies to not only recover from this crisis but also thrive.

In the second part of the workbook, we will take an in-depth look at the unique challenges and opportunities that have arisen for industry sectors across the province. Our economics team will also provide some perspective on the future of business and we will include considerations to keep front of mind as we all work together to move business forward.

Once you’ve received both components of the workbook, we will send it to you in its entirety as an ongoing resource to help guide you further through the challenges of today, and those well into the future. After all, with recovery, there may also be room for opportunity.

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