Advice for Alberta businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: Moving business forward in times of crisis

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Minimizing disruption, addressing the future

The COVID-19 pandemic has reverberated across every business sector, forcing many business leaders to make hard decisions around how they can best pivot in order to face this new economy head on.

And now, as we continue through an extended second wave of the pandemic, a global economic collapse and a struggling energy sector, Alberta’s business owners are largely finding themselves in crisis fatigue. What now?

We designed this workbook specifically to help you identify potential scenarios the future might hold and create actionable plans for addressing them. We also explored several key factors that are front of mind for businesses across the province: How can you address cash flow strain? What does supply chain management even look like now? How do you make staffing decisions when you don’t know what lies ahead? Do you even bother marketing at this point? And the incredibly tough conversation: What if it’s time to sell?

ATB COVID-19 Recovery Workbook

Address disruption to many areas of your business, to help you not only recover, but rebuild effectively.

In the second part of the workbook, we take an in-depth look at the specific challenges and opportunities that have arisen for industry sectors across the province. Our economics team also provides their perspective on the future of business and we have included pivotal considerations to keep front of mind as we work towards recovery.

Above all, as Albertans, we are resilient. And together we can move business forward.


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