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Business insights and advice to help you navigate through COVID-19

Mitigating business disruption

We are monitoring new developments closely and will provide insights, helpful advice and expertise as quickly as possible in order to help you minimize disruption.

COVID-19 recovery workbook

Address disruption to many areas of your business, to help you not only recover, but rebuild effectively.

COVID-19 fatigue and fraud: Scams continue to be on the rise

Learn about new COVID-19-related scams to be aware of including phishing, false representation and business email compromise.

Alberta's Economy in 2021

ATB's Vice-President and Chief Economist Todd Hirsch provides expert insight into Alberta's Economy and shares tools to help understand what comes next. 

December 2020 Financial Markets Update

A complete wrap-up across FX, interest rates, and energy commodities.

Adapting to Alberta's changing economy

ATB's Vice-President and Chief Economist Todd Hirsch gives an honest look at Alberta’s economy and provides expert insight into how we can move towards a better future.

How one Edmonton entrepreneur overhauled her business

How an Edmonton entrepreneur overhauled her business to create a life of balance and happiness.

Digging into Deferrals: tips for businesses ending loan deferrals

Tips for entrepreneurs on managing business loan deferral repayment including how to forecast and review your operating budget, and how to update and evolve your business plan.

Spotlight on interest rates: A 2020 Q3 Financial Markets Update

An in-depth discussion around 2020 Q3 market uncertainty and fluctuations, along with predictions on what might be ahead of us as we continue working towards recovery.

Leading with purpose through Covid-19: ATB’s journey

How ATB leadership led the brand through COVID-19 while keeping focus on the well-being of more than 5,000 team members

Four people talking in an office

Evolving your brand culture during times of crisis

Brands with purpose-driven cultures are being called on in these times of crisis, with an opportunity to demonstrate and elevate their purpose.

8 tips for putting your people first

Not only does being a purpose-driven brand boost both a company’s profile and bottom line, but it can also enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.

Malware 101: Why you need to protect your business

Malware, or harmful software programs, can infiltrate your network, hijack your systems and steal your identity. 

Learning from business failure

Entrepreneurs who reflect on their failures are creating space for the most powerful learning they will experience throughout their entrepreneurial journeys.

Credential stuffing: the latest in cyberattacks on business

Credential stuffing attacks represent one of the biggest security threats to businesses today. But many business owners aren’t aware of how it can impact them

Navigating change: Doodle Dogs grows through relationship

Identifying and making strategic adjustments to address challenges is crucial for driving long-term entrepreneurial success.

How to survive a recession as an entrepreneur

Advice for business owners about surviving and thriving during a recession or a financial crisis.

Managing increased debt loads caused by COVID-19

With a third of business owners behind on major bill payments, like rent and credit cards, it’s a good time to explore key strategies for navigating increased debt.

The financial details behind closing your business

If you have to make that tough decision to close your business due to the crisis, many crucial financial considerations have to be managed so your exit goes smoothly.

Alternatives to business closure and learning from failure

While the economic climate could result in businesses closing, entrepreneurs may still have options before making the difficult decision of shutting down the company for good.

Winding down your business? Here’s what you need to know.

If you have to make that tough decision to close your business, here is some helpful advice around how to sort through the details.

Reimagining the conference experience

Learn how Mike Morrison retooled his in-person conference SocialWest into SocialAtHome, bringing unique physical experiences to his virtual digital marketing conference.

July 2020 Financial Markets Update

A complete wrap-up across FX, interest rates, and energy commodities.

Webinar: Supply chain insights to help you navigate the unknown

An in-depth discussion how to analyze and manage the risks in your current supply chain.

How to keep your online business bank account secure

Tips on how to bank online responsibly and securely so that you and your employees can keep your business safe from online fraud actors.

Webinar: HR for entrepreneurs in a COVID world

Strategies that entrepreneurs can use to improve employee relations and prepare for their return to work.

Exploring Indigenous intersectionalities

A panel of diverse Indigenous entrepreneurs speak about how their intersectional identities have inspired and challenged them. We share key learnings and a follow-up Q&A.

Contactless payments: Not just a nice-to-have anymore

As consumer behaviours shift to be more risk averse from both a health and security perspective, contactless payment options will be key for driving business transactions.

Overcoming HR challenges in the face of COVID-19

As Alberta's businesses reopen, HR teams are must integrate workplace policies that safeguard physical and mental wellbeing while remaining focused on strategic priorities.

Why you need a collaborative supply chain now more than ever

Establishing strong relationships and boosting the visibility in the supply chain will be crucial for business owners as we enter a new economic landscape.

Webinar: Virtual networking and how to turn leads into customers

Leverage virtual networking events to connect with leads and nurture those leads to become customers.

FX Risk Management Framework

A strategic risk management framework can help mitigate risk and protect your business from the impact of swinging currency exchange rates.

Webinar: USD/CAD summer update and forecast

Our Financial Markets Group addresses the volatility we have experienced in the past several weeks and their thoughts on where we go from here.

ATB Agriculture Loan Deferral program

If you need help improving your short-term cash flow as a result of COVID-19, ATB’s Agriculture Loan Deferral program may be a good option for you.

Cheque fraud in COVID-19

Even in a digital landscape, cheque fraud is still the number one type of payment fraud experienced by Canadians today. Here are some helpful tips to help you mitigate risk.

Accessing business capital during COVID-19

Premiums and the cost of borrowing has increased. Let’s take a deep dive into the numbers behind borrowing capital.

6 tips for entrepreneurs considering crowdfunding

A few tips for entrepreneurs considering crowdfunding to help with cash flow challenges during economic uncertainty. 

Webinar: Building resilience in COVID-19

Victoria Smith of Stress Less Ladies leads a discussion around how we might build resilience, find opportunity and make time for self-care.

Navigating COVID-19 relief programs for your small business

If you have experienced financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, here are some tips on how to choose the right relief program for your small business.

Beware the second wave of COVID-19 fraud attacks

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce more sophisticated fraud schemes while businesses are at their most vulnerable.

Integrating scenario analysis to manage cash flow challenges

Understanding scenario analysis could be crucial for getting the most out of cash flow both in the short, and long-term.

Webinar: Understanding cash flow to analyze the health of your business

Understanding cash flow is powerful as business owners analyze the health of their business and prepare for the future.

A look back at previous recessions in Alberta

As Alberta comes face to face with yet another economic downturn, perhaps we can level set our expectations on what’s to come based on past recessions.

Webinar: Cash flow management for entrepreneurs

Learn how you could apply best business practices that not only mitigate cash flow loss, but also provide room for opportunity.

Boosting cash flow through a crisis

In the wake of COVID-19, integrating the right optimization strategies will be crucial for navigating disruption and getting back to business in the new normal.

Webinar: USD/CAD in the time of COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the economic climate of COVID-19, there are a number of factors impacting the Canadian market environment.

COVID-19 and the cost of business relief

Understanding the benefits and effects relief programs will have on your business.

Making your business continuity plan work during emergencies

Exploring the critical components of an impactful business continuity plan that allows you to evolve, pivot, and activate throughout the COVID crisis.

Reacting to the global supply chain shakeup

How can business owners integrate contingency plans to address the significant impact COVID-19 has had on the global supply chain?

Mitigating cash flow loss through crisis

For entrepreneurs struggling through economic crisis, maintaining cash flow has become the singular business priority.

Cash flow forecasting: Driving small business through COVID-19

During an economic downturn, cash flow forecasting will be critical for helping small business owners survive in the short and long term.

COVID-19: Opportunities to drive cash flow

The global economic crisis has brought critical challenges to entrepreneurs’ doorsteps. But behind those challenges, lies opportunity.

Coping through COVID-19: Business and mental health in times of crisis

In times of crisis, how can business leaders manage personal mental health while also prioritizing the well-being of the team members throughout their organization?

Estate freezes: Tax planning for business owners during a market downturn

An estate freeze may be the most valuable tax strategy for your business during an economic crisis.

Selling your business in times of crisis

These times of uncertainty may actually provide you the pause and focus you need to optimize the value of your business should you choose to sell post-crisis.

COVID-19 and fraud: Protect your business from a different sort of virus

Uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in digital, credit card and other types of fraud. Learn what the scams are and how to protect your business.

Integrating successful work from home strategies

As Albertan businesses shift to work from home environments, here are some helpful strategies for business owners and leaders to consider.

Webinar: Fraud prevention during COVID-19

Learn about key tactics fraud actors are using to capitalize on fears surrounding COVID-19 along with other leading fraud trends facing businesses today.

Managing your liquidity ratio during the crop year

After a couple of challenging crop years, current liabilities may begin to creep up, putting pressure on that ratio of current assets to current liabilities


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