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Corporate governance includes the policies and processes used to supervise the business and affairs of the corporation.

​​It establishes the expectations of the Shareholder and the authorities, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the Board and management. In setting direction and managing the business, consideration is also given to the impact of decisions on other stakeholders, including employees, clients, and the communities in which ATB Financial operates.

Corporate governance begins with the Board of Directors and its committees and extends throughout the entire organization to every employee.

ATB Financial is committed to transparency and accountability and supports disclosure of its corporate governance practices, delivery of useful information through broad channels of communication, and use of appropriate financial and operational performance measures.

The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that ATB Financial has an effective governance system that adds value and enables the corporation to achieve its objectives.

A key element of good corporate governance is full disclosure of all corporate governance activities, confirmation of responsibilities of the directors and auditors, including the assessment of their independence from management, and accurate, timely, and periodic financial reporting.​​​​​​​

Annual Public Meeting notice:

Watch the 2021 annual public meeting that was held on May 21, 2021.

Statements of corporate governance practices:

Disclosure policy (PDF)

Committees of the board Name
Audit Barry James, Chair
Audit Robert Logan
Audit Wendy Henkelman
Audit Mary Ellen Neilson
Audit Andy Fraser
Audit Patrick Lor
Audit Terms of Reference (PDF)
Governance and Conduct Review Diane Pettie, Chair
Governance and Conduct Review Diane Brickner
Governance and Conduct Review Manjit Minhas
Governance and Conduct Review Robert Pearce
Governance and Conduct Review Patrick Lor
Governance and Conduct Review Terms of Reference (PDF)
Risk Mary Ellen Neilson, Chair
Risk Barry James
Risk Robert Logan
Risk Jim Davidson
Risk Robert Pearce
Risk Manjit Minhas
Risk Terms of Reference (PDF)
Human Resources Wendy Henkelman, Chair
Human Resources Jim Davidson
Human Resources Diane Brickner
Human Resources Andy Fraser
Human Resources Diane Pettie
Human Resources Terms of Reference (PDF)

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