Committed and connected to Alberta’s communities for more than 80 years.

In some corners of this wonderful province, we’re better known for our connection with the community than for our banking services. Our mission to create happiness is as expansive as it is important. For 80 years, we’ve pursued it with the same steadfast enthusiasm and authenticity.

ATB exists to pursue the greater good of Albertans, full stop.

Not sure whether you should apply for a sponsorship or a donation? Please read the following descriptions:

Sponsorships are strategic partnerships negotiated with an organization or event who has an audience that ATB is interested in connecting with. Marketing is the primary purpose of a sponsorship and success is measured by the return on investment to ATB in the form of brand awareness, business connections, and audience reach.

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Donations are financial contributions to an organization based on the benefit to the community, in support of Albertans’ greater good. Social impact is the primary purpose of a donation and success is measured by the positive difference we contribute to the community (ex: number of people who benefited).

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