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Make good financial decisions by getting the facts.

Everything you need to manage your money, in one place.

Make good financial decisions by getting the facts. Whether you’re deciding which account or credit card to choose, or figuring out if you can afford that mortgage this year or next, we have the tool or resource to help you get it right.

Investing & Savings tools

ATB Prosper

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RRSP Calculator

The RRSP Calculator can help you create a savings plan to help you achieve your financial goal

RRSP Illustrator

The RRSP Illustrator can help illustrate the advantages of tax sheltered growth of a registered plan (RRSP) compared to the taxable growth of a non-registered plan.

Registered vs Non-Registered Calculator

Compare the benefits of an RRSP savings program against a non-registered program

RRSP Loan Planner

Maximize your contribution with an RRSP Loan.

Advantage of Early Investing Calculator

Designed to show you how you can take advantage of the power of compounding to achieve personal retirement goals.

Investment & Regular Deposit Calculator

Illustrates the effect of a regular deposit as part of a periodic savings program

TFSA vs Regular Savings Calculator

Compare the after-tax return of a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) with the after-tax return of a non-registered account.

Investment & Regular Withdrawals Calculator

Illustrates the regular income stream that could be produced from a non-registered investment.

RESP Calculator

Identify the cost of your children’s post-secondary education and develop a savings plan to cover those costs.

Savings Planner Calculator

Determine a savings plan to achieve specific financial goals based on cost, time and savings growth.

Loan Calculators

Business Loan Calculator

Looking to invest in your business to take it to the next level? This calculator is an easy way to determine what amount a loan payment will be.

Personal Loan Finder

Selecting the type of personal loan depends on several factors, including the amount needed to borrow, preferred method of payment, and the intended use of funds. 

Personal Loan Payment Calculator

Find out what your loan payments will be by entering the amount of the loan, interest rate, and term.​​​​​​​​

Mastercard Selector

Personal Mastercard Selector

Having trouble choosing a card? Our handy tool will help you find a credit card that’s right for you.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Our mortgage affordability calculator gives you an estimate of the home price within your budget, so you can start your home buying journey with confidence.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Determine how much your mortgage payment will be on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or accelerated schedule with the Mortgage Payment Calculator.​

Mortgage Pre-Payment

Calculate the amount of your mortgage payment and the impact of making annual prepayments.

Mortgage Comparison

See side-by-side comparisons for two or three mortgages and decide which one is best for you. 

Rent vs Own Calculator

Take into account the mortgage rate, market value of the home, and potential rate of return you’d get from investing your extra cash instead of putting it towards a mortgage.

Mortgage Finder Calculator

Evaluate your mortgage needs, risk tolerance, and payment preferences by then let the Mortgage Finder recommend the best mortgage option for you.

Mortgage Blender Calculator

You might be able to save interest when renewing your mortgage early, buying another home, or refinancing by comparing an existing mortgage rate to  current interest offerings.

Personal Planners

Net Worth Calculator

Calculate your total assets and your total liabilities. A Net Worth Statement is produced that illustrates your assets and liabilities.

Household Cash Flow

Calculate your household income and your household expenditures. A Household Cash Flow Statement is produced that summarizes your income and expenditures. ​

Monthly budget worksheet

Understand the money that’s going in and out of your accounts each month. Calculating your cash flow can help you plan for financial challenges that may lie ahead.​ 

Estate Planning and Settlement

Estate Planning Made Easy

Get a special rate on a smart self-serve tool that makes it simple to craft a strong, legally-valid will through our partnership with

Simplified Estate Settlement

Estate settlement can be confusing to tackle, Atticus makes it easy to understand your responsibilities as a personal representative.

Asset and Liability Organizer

Make it easier when the time comes for representatives to know your critical contacts, sources of income, employer, banking, insurance and more.

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