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Our economics team examines the latest statistics on employment, trade, consumer spending, the energy industry and other economic drivers to provide insight into what is happening in Alberta and where our economy is heading.

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Jobs rise but unemployment stays high

Despite the improvement on the employment side of the equation, the rise in jobs did not keep up with demand.

Dour forecast for house prices in Calgary and Edmonton

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation is forecasting major declines in the average resale price of homes in both Calgary and Edmonton

Canadian consumers cautious

Only 13 per cent of consumers have not changed their shopping habits since the outbreak of COVID-19

Businesses see tough year ahead

The negative effects of the pandemic and oil price crash are expected to linger with 63 per cent of the firms surveyed anticipating slower sales growth over the next 12 months

COVID-19 cases surge south of the border

The number of new cases reported in the U.S. hit 54,357 on July 1, surpassing the previous peak of 43,438 set on April 6

Alberta exports take another hit in May

Exports to our largest trading partner—the United States—were down 61 per cent on a year-over-year basis

Building permits down again in May

The seasonally adjusted value of building permits issued by Alberta municipalities fell by 9 per cent in May compared to April

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of our country’s 153rd birthday, today’s Owl looks at how Canada’s economy stacks up against others around the world.

Canadian exporters anxious

The overall impact of the pandemic on exporters has been negative, with 73 per cent indicating that it has hurt sales

Job losses not contained to specific subsectors

One of the handful of subsectors that did manage to add jobs was the electronic shopping and mail-order subsector, albeit only about 450 positions

Food insecurity increased during the pandemic

About 3 in 10 Canadians who were absent from work because of a business closure, layoff, or personal circumstances due to COVID-19 lived in a food-insecure household in May

The rehab program has only just begun

When we are on our game, our economy is a powerhouse that produces jobs, GDP and opportunities on par with the wealthiest economies in the world

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