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Our economics team examines the latest statistics on employment, trade, consumer spending, the energy industry and other economic drivers to provide insight into what is happening in Alberta and where our economy is heading.

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Building permits went up a few floors in June

Permit value over the first half of the year was the second highest since 2016

Expanding natural gas prices

Prices are stronger than they have been in years

Business confidence riding high in Alberta

The increase in confidence coincided with rising vaccination rates and announcements regarding the imminent re-opening of the Alberta economy

Price of beer down, price of internet access up

Today's Owl looks at how the prices of specific items have changed over the last two years

Inflation fails to inflate

We didn’t see the dramatic spike in the inflation rate that some commentators were fearing, but it is still early days in terms of the economic recovery, so this could change

Number of businesses in Alberta up a smidge in April

It wasn’t a lot, but at least the arrow was pointing in the right direction

Retail sales slipped in May

After increasing slightly in April, seasonally adjusted retail sales in Alberta contracted by 1.6% in May

Global population to reach 9.7 billion by 2050

A growing and more prosperous global community creates tremendous opportunities for a trading economy like Alberta

More homes being built in Alberta

The annualized number of monthly starts averaged 31,000 over the January to June period compared to just 21,800 in 2020 and 24,200 in 2019

Alberta has the most large corporations per resident

Identifying where Canada’s largest corporations are headquartered is a pretty blunt economic measure, but it does give us a rough sense of the corporate heft of different places

Wholesale trade in Alberta slowed after record April

Sales were, however, much improved compared to the early months of the pandemic

Third wave dampened vehicle sales in May

Sales should rebound once again now that cases are down and public health restrictions in the province have been loosened

Global recovery strengthening slightly

It’s important to note that the forecast could be thrown off course if a fourth wave of the virus driven by variants develops

Manufacturing sales keep rising in Alberta

At $7.2 billion, monthly shipments from the Alberta’s factories were $115 million (1.6%) higher in May

International immigration to Alberta cut in half by COVID

Alberta gained 24,911 people on a net basis from international movements in 2020 versus 48,805 in 2019

Are we there yet? Job recovery in Alberta

There are still travel restrictions, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages and other pandemic-related headwinds working against job growth

Alberta’s unemployment rate ticked up in June

Compared to the pre-pandemic benchmark of February 2020, employment in the province was down by 2.1% or 47,700 jobs

New experimental business conditions index

Statistics Canada has developed an experimental measure of business conditions in seven major Canadian cities

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