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Our economics team examines the latest statistics on employment, trade, consumer spending, the energy industry and other economic drivers to provide insight into what is happening in Alberta and where our economy is heading.

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Alberta consumer spending down somewhat in August

On a year-over-year basis, average daily spending was higher than it was in 2019 in both June and July by 4 per cent, but was down in August by 4 per cent

International travel still in lockdown

As of July, the number of seasonally adjusted international travellers entering or returning to Canada was 95 per cent below where it was in February

OECD global economic forecast better but still bad

Although still a major contraction, the forecast for 2020 is an improvement over the -6.0 per cent estimate released in June

Car and truck sales in Alberta continue to improve

The dial is pointing in the right direction with monthly sales in Alberta increasing three months in a row

Manufacturing up again in July

Seasonally adjusted manufacturing sales in Alberta increased for the third month in a row in July

Job losses by industry in Alberta

By August, only two sub-sectors were ahead of where they were in February

Self-employment in Alberta during the pandemic

The relative lack of movement in the number of self-employed jobs doesn’t necessarily mean that all was well for these workers during the lockdown

The lighter side of supply and demand during COVID

RV dealers are reporting a surge in sales as people look for alternative ways to get out of town on vacation while physical distancing

Bank of Canada: Recuperation phase to be slow and choppy

Despite a strong reopening phase, the Bank expected a protracted and uneven recuperation phase

Alberta economic recovery roundup

From building permits (up 33.3 per cent in July) to daily oil production (up 3.4 per cent in July), things are moving in the right direction

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