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Our economics team examines the latest statistics on employment, trade, consumer spending, the energy industry and other economic drivers to provide insight into what is happening in Alberta and where our economy is heading.

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Alberta spud: potato production up in 2020

International exports of potato and potato products from Alberta last year came to 409.1 million

Capital expenditures in Alberta on the rise in 2021

Spending in Alberta in 2021 will be down by 12.0 per cent ($7.2 billion) compared to the pre-pandemic level set in 2019

Alberta consumer spending strong in December, but way down in January

Retailers were hoping for a strong December to help make up for losses earlier in the year due to the pandemic and Alberta consumers obliged

Exports from Alberta to China improved in 2020

Today’s Owl is part three of a series on Alberta’s exports in 2020

Oil and gas exports from Alberta took a big hit in 2020

Today’s Owl is part two of a series on Alberta’s exports in 2020

Exports from Alberta contracted in 2020

Today’s Owl is part one of a series on Alberta’s exports in 2020

Mental health and the economy

The statistics highlight the economic and social costs of mental illness but they also point to the many challenges faced by the individuals and families experiencing it

Retail margins thin and getting thinner

As the sector evolves, individual retailers will have to find ways to deliver both the products and the shopping experiences consumers want and do so within tight margins

Oil production in Alberta getting back on track

Oil production in Alberta was down on a year-over-year basis from April 2020 through October 2020, but rose above 2019 levels in both November and December

New car smell weaker in 2020

In dollar terms, annual sales of new vehicles in Alberta were down by 15.5 per cent ($1.7 billion) last year

Manufacturing in Alberta ends 2020 on the rise

The sector that took the biggest hit last year in absolute terms was petroleum refineries, which saw shipments fall by $8.3 billion in 2020 compared to 2019 (-40.3 per cent)

Two different pandemics

The number of jobs in Canada that pay $30 or more per hour dipped slightly during the spring lockdown, but were 9.5 per cent higher in January 2021 than in January 2020

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