How We Hire

It takes time and effort to apply for a role. We walk through the ins and outs of how we hire, so you know what to expect along the way.

The ATB candidate journey

Your experience as a candidate matters, which is why we aim to make our hiring process as welcoming, seamless and transparent as possible. For us, it's not about the process—it's about empowering you to show up as your best self in every stage.

Our process is a human one. An ATB team member will review your application and you can expect to receive updates along the way. If there are any accommodations that would make this experience smoother for you, we're always happy to work together to discover a solution. Reach out to

1. Explore current opportunities and apply

If you’re interested in a role, we want to hear from you.

2. Highlight your skills

You may be asked to feature your skills in an assessment.

3. Two-way interview

Come prepared with your questions and share your story with us.

4. Welcome to the team!

Get ready for your career journey at ATB.

Our hiring process

1. Explore current opportunities and apply

Browse our open roles and start the application process.

View opportunities

Interested in joining our team? Explore our current opportunities and learn more about who we are and what your career journey at ATB could look like. We pride ourselves in our industry-leading benefits. Eligible ATB team members enjoy our organization-wide peer recognition and reward platform, banking benefits, wellness spending credits, prepaid therapy allowance, travel perks and personal benefits—including comprehensive benefits, gender affirmation, and fertility and family planning coverage.
Remember, an ATB team member will be reviewing your application. Let your passion for the role shine through!

How do I make my application stand out? On top of your resume and a targeted cover letter, we appreciate it when candidates let us know about their volunteer gigs, projects that they’re proud of, or other ways they share their knowledge that shows us who they are beyond their work.

2. Highlight your skills

Showcase who you are and what you can bring to ATB through an assessment.

Once our hiring leader has reviewed your application and decides they want to learn more about your skills and experience, you may be asked to complete an assessment.

The assessment could be a sample of your portfolio, a case study or an assignment relevant to the skill requirements of the role. Regardless of the assessment, you will be provided with context, a deadline, and time to ask any questions you may have along the way.

Assessments are an opportunity to highlight your skills, experience, and personality. Showcase your unique perspective and transferable skills so our hiring leaders can better understand who you are and all that you could bring to ATB.

Any tips for a successful assessment response? On top of highlighting your skills, show how our values—what we call the ATB ID— shows up in how you approach the work that you do.

3. Two-way interview

We’re excited to get to know you: come prepared to share your skills and story with us, and think about any questions you may have.

Live interviews typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and may be done virtually or in-person. To begin, the hiring leader will walk you through what you can expect throughout the interview, and will make sure there’s time at the end for you to interview us. The hiring team will debrief after every live interview. Once the interviews are done, they’ll make a skills-based hiring decision to hire the best person for the role.

How should I prepare for the interview? Reflect on your previous experiences and stories that align to the skills required for the role. You’ll likely be asked a mix of behavioural questions (e.g.,“Describe a time when…”), situational questions (e.g., “What would you do if…”), and general questions (e.g., “Why are you interested in this job?”). Our advice? Keep in mind three specific personal/professional scenarios that showcase multiple skills and experiences that could be used to answer multiple questions.

4. Welcome to the team

Go through the steps and training you need to kickstart your career at ATB.

Once the hiring team has made a decision, that candidate will be invited to start the final stages of the hiring process, starting with a background check.

Once the required steps are complete, all that’s left is to welcome you to #TeamATB! You’ll be immersed in a lot of “new” during your onboarding journey, but we’ve got you covered—from lunch with your team, an onboarding program that walks you through your first month, and a special invite to Culture Day, where you'll meet other new team members and hear directly from our executives.

What should I do if I’m not selected for the job? If you were interviewed by a member of the hiring team, you’re welcome to ask for feedback. We encourage you to reflect on the feedback, and keep an eye on our current opportunities for roles that excite you.

Frequently asked questions

ATB needs and values team members from all backgrounds to keep our business and purpose in motion. Whether you’re a creative, tech expert, business professional or beyond, we want to hear from you.

ATB 101 is a comprehensive summer student employment program offered from May to August. Current students and new grads in all programs from a variety of post-secondary institutions across Canada are eligible for the program.

As part of our commitment to becoming more inclusive, and advancing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we’re working towards the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

PAR is the only recognized corporate Canadian program with an emphasis on Indigenous Relations. This framework, which is governed and maintained by the CCAB, guides reconciliation strategy development. Organizations within the PAR program are committed to Indigenous prosperity and inclusion. The starting point for all companies is the PAR Committed Phase, followed by three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) of certification.

We're committed to building an ATB where everyone in our diverse ecosystem—clients, team members and beyond—is empowered to be their authentic selves, have what they need to succeed and feel a sense of belonging. Driven by our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy, ATB partners with our leaders, team members and external communities in the creation of inclusive, equitable, and just products, processes and practices.

While these changes take time, we're dedicated to delivering meaningful outcomes guided by our five strategic pillars:
- Inclusive expertise
- Trusted people systems
- Accountable leadership
- Enterprise integration
- Community relations

All ATB team members have free access to our online learning platform, Degreed, to support their capacity in their current role and their career growth objectives. ATB also incentivizes internal mobility, and provides education support and funding for eligible learning opportunities for team members.

We believe in making skills-based hiring decisions. This means that we look beyond job titles and company names, at your applicable transferable skills. You don’t have to meet all of the job posting requirements, especially when you have skills and experience that are transferable and add value to the role.

Our hiring team will keep you in the loop about the status of your application. We do our best to keep all candidates informed throughout the hiring process.

You can apply to any role at ATB at any time. You may not have been hired for one role, but you could be a great match for another one.

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