Our Values

Our purpose

A typical corporate mission and vision statement didn’t seem quite right for ATB. We needed something simple yet powerful to inspire us to come to work each day. A purpose that captures the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve for our clients and for each other. This, is our purpose.

We exist to make it possible.
To turn what-if into when.
To find a better way…
in more than just banking.
To wrap our talent, tech and wisdom
around the obsessive belief
that anything is possible.

In Alberta, and far beyond.

With each day a chance
to uplift legacies and livelihoods—
in ways not yet imagined.
By listening and learning,
advising and creating.

Because remarkable things happen
when we ask “what if?"


Living the ATB ID

Having a story or purpose is one thing. Actually living it is another. To us, the ATB story is more than nice words on paper but a real commitment to our clients and each other. We live this commitment everyday through what we like to call the ATB ID.


Client Obsessed

At ATB, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do. By engaging with intense curiosity and serving with deep expertise, we build and maintain client trust and make our clients’ goals possible.


Champions of Belonging

Diversity is the lens through which we recognize and realize future possibilities. We enable equity, practice inclusion, attract and retain the brightest and best, and foster innovative, independent thought.


Driven to Perform

We delight our clients and sustain market leadership through the high performance of our team members. Together, we pursue growth, seek and share feedback, hold each other accountable—and celebrate our successes.



At ATB, we bust silos, build networks, make data-based decisions and align all of our actions with our collective purpose of powering possibility—for our clients, for Alberta and for each other.

Need help?

Our Client Care team will be happy to assist.