Advancing Reconciliation at ATB

We are honouring our responsibility and working towards fully implementing the UNDRIP to advance the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Call to Action #92.

ATB's Reconciliation Responsibility

Indigenous Peoples and communities have existed and thrived on Turtle Island long before any financial institution made its way into society through colonization. ATB understands and respects traditional values, cultural perspectives and diversity across Indigenous Peoples in Alberta and within our business. 

While listening and learning, we have been taking action to fulfill our role in Truth and Reconciliation efforts. ATB is actively building reciprocal and respectful relationships with Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations by being accountable, having integrity and taking initiative in uplifting legacies and livelihoods. 

We are committed to:

  • Implement an integrative, enterprise-wide approach to foster meaningful relationships, supported by leadership, community engagement and community support.
  • Use our power and influence to bridge the gap for equitable access to capital, provide client solutions and meet the needs of Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations.
  • Advance a truth-based approach through education and experiences, which will integrate Indigenous cultural worldviews into our workplace and support Reconciliation.
  • Positively impact the Indigenous economy through an increase in representation of Indigenous suppliers in ATB’s procurement processes.
  • Be the employer of choice for Indigenous Peoples, with a workforce that is representative of the Indigenous communities that we serve.

Ongoing engagement with Indigenous Peoples, communities and organizations ensures our adaptable commitment and approach reflects and centres the voices of Treaty Rights holders in Alberta.

CEO Message

Curtis Stange - President and CEO

Since 2017, ATB has made the advancement of Indigenous inclusion, and Truth and Reconciliation a key part of its business operations through the development of its Indigenous Relations strategy.

We are honoured to be invited to build strong relations with Indigenous leaders, business professionals and the community at large. Witnessing the power of creating meaningful, reciprocal relationships with Indigenous Peoples, organizations and communities has been an enriching and enlightening experience. I recognize the importance of fostering a safe, supportive, and open forum for learning, consultation and co-creation. Expanding our understanding of Indigenous cultural views, values and lived experiences has fuelled a purpose-driven path forward to influence economic prosperity in our province and beyond. The past is indelible and will remain as an integral guide for how we become a more purposeful and collaborative organization. We deeply respect and value the connections we’ve made and look forward to continuing to build trusting relations with Indigenous Peoples, organizations and communities. 

As we continue on our journey of honouring and implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action #92 - Business and Reconciliation, we’re proud to play a role in continuous growth, healing and uplifting legacies and livelihoods - both within our walls and beyond. Our dedication to listening, learning and adapting our business practices to support Indigenous Peoples is unwavering as our company promise is rooted in powering possibility for all. 

Artist Feature

Kevin Cardinal is a visual artist with a deeply spiritual artistic practice influenced by his culture and experiences.

Kevin is of Woodland Cree ancestry from Bigstone Cree Nation located in north central Alberta on Treaty 8 Territory. Kevin’s body of work is an interpretation of things seen, heard or experienced through travel, cultural and spiritual ceremonies. Incorporating themes of humility, forgiveness, and courage, Kevin’s organic and shape-driven portfolio allows each piece to tell its own story. His art represents peoples, spiritual beings, ideas, concepts, and principles through animals and circles using bold black lines and lively, vibrant colours reminiscent of the Woodland style. 

The image you see at the top is titled "sipeytamowin poko ka ayayak”, a Cree term meaning “it is important that we have patience as we work together." Through sharing his artwork, Kevin aims to promote cooperative relationships and bring healing and unity to the community — this is reflected in his artistic process. His spirituality allows his imagination to explore the work's intention and what shapes and animals come to him. Once his vision for sipeytamowin poko ka ayayak began to take shape, he started with the heavy black outline to frame the details before applying the colours. Kevin holds close the deeper meanings of his works, allowing people to experience the art without influencing their perception.

How we are honouring in our reconciliation responsibility

Indigenous Financial Services Strategy

After seeking the advice of Indigenous community leaders and business professionals, we began building this strategy in 2017. It is supported by our internal Indigenous Relations Advisory Circle and Indigenous Team Member Network.

Fort McKay

Our partnership with the Fort McKay Métis recently helped finance the purchase of land to build a community cultural centre.

Post Secondary Partnerships

We have partnered with Mount Royal University’s Iniskim Centre in Calgary and University of Alberta’s First People’s House to support Indigenous students with environments of empowerment.

Indigenous Marketplace

We launched the Indigenous Marketplace in 2020 to fill the gap of revenue loss for artists during Covid 19’s initial shutdown. We did it again in June of 2021 and raised $15,000 for the ANFCA.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

In celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, ATB has partnered with Indigenous Services Canada, iHuman, and with CKUA Radio to feature Indigenous artists including nêhiyawak, Jay Gilday and the Logan Alexis Singers.

ATB Branch for Arts + Culture

Various Indigenous artists and organizations are featured in our gallery space including Making Treaty 7, IAM Collective and JCAT. We also host monthly events, including the Indigenous Women's Business Panel.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Certification

As part of our commitment to becoming more inclusive, and advancing recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, we’re working towards Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB).

PAR is the only recognized corporate Canadian program with an emphasis on Indigenous Relations. This framework, which is governed and maintained by the CCAB, is a tool to guide reconciliation strategy development. The organizations within the CCAB PAR program represent organizations that are committed to Indigenous prosperity and inclusion. The starting point for all companies is the PAR Committed Phase and it is a three phase process. After completing the Committed phases, organizations can work towards three levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) of certification.

Committed Level

ATB is currently at the Committed Level, Phase Three of the PAR program and is required to submit regular reports of our activities.

We anticipate that we will complete our reporting requirements to move from the Committed Phase and into the certified level of Bronze in 2023. One of the activities as part of ATB’s PAR journey was to develop an Indigenous Financial Services Strategy that is focused on four pillars including cultural recognition, talent development, corporate inclusion and business engagement.

Our four strategic pillars

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