Community Donations

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Our purpose-driven approach to making an impact

Together, we can work to uplift the well-being of  Albertans. If your organization is focused on creating positive impact that aligns to one of the opportunities below, we want to hear more about your specific initiatives.


Advancing Mental Health

  • Initiatives that provide supports for people living with mental illness
  • Initiatives that reduce the stigma of mental health and mental illness


Advancing Inclusive Communities

  • Initiatives aimed at inclusivity for people who might be excluded or marginalized
  • Initiatives that contribute to uplifting Indigenous Peoples and ATB’s commitment to Reconciliation


Advancing Innovation in Children and Youth

  • Initiatives that develop the skills associated with innovation (collaboration, imagination, problem solving, design, critical thinking, flexibility, persuasion and entrepreneurship)
  • Initiatives focused on the developing the skill-sets of the future (STEM, digital literacy and emotional intelligence)


Advancing Financial Wellbeing

  • Initiatives that improve the financial well-being for people experiencing low-income or poverty (gain a wage, save money, or get ahead financially)
  • Initiatives that provide access to basic needs for those most vulnerable (shelter, food, emergency supports)


Advancing Sustainable Development

  • Initiatives that aim to protect natural resources, and promote economic growth and social equity, mitigate climate change, and build a more sustainable future for all
  • Initiatives that help to support local economies by promoting sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and other green industries

Want to partner with us?

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