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Our purpose-driven approach to making an impact

There has never been a more important time to improve the overall wellbeing of Albertans. And there has never been a more exciting time to partner with an organization that believes that—through the power, passion, and commitment of our 5,000+ team members—we can assist with solving deep societal problems, making it possible for future generations, and ATB, to thrive.

Our commitment to the greater good of our province is an essential part of who we are. If your organization wants to partner with us to solve one or more of the challenges below—and create meaningful, long-term change to uplift Albertans—please connect with us!

  • Access to education
  • Access to information and communications
  • Access to mental health supports  

This work will run parallel to ATB’s continued and expanded efforts to bring financial literacy programs to Albertans.

How do we choose our areas of impact?

In partnership with the Social Progress Imperative (SPI), we use a data-driven approach to identify three of the most pressing socio-economic opportunities in Alberta. This is where ATB, and other caring organizations, can have a profound impact on Albertans and their communities.

You can use the Social Progress Index for Alberta to see where we have the greatest opportunities to affect change in Alberta. The lower the score, the bigger the opportunity to make an impact in that community. The SPI score for Alberta currently is 49; by 2030, with the help of people and organizations across the province, we want to raise it to 60.

Have a look at some recent problem-solving initiatives

Want to help uplift the wellbeing of Albertans?

Carefully read our Greater Good partnership and donation guidelines before going through the application process. It could save you a lot of time and effort!

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