Welcome to ATB's donation recognition toolkit

ATB Financial is pleased to support not-for-profit and charitable organizations in our communities. ATB does not require recognition for donations, grants or awards. If you choose to publicly thank us, here is some guidance on how to communicate the impact of your work and recognize ATB.

ATB Financial Name

  • Use the full name: ATB Financial on first reference. In running text it is acceptable to use ATB on subsequent references.
  • Do not spell out ATB or use periods between. Incorrect: A.T.B or Alberta Treasury Branches.
  • For example: Funding [for this project/program/event] was provided [or provided in part] by ATB Financial. We appreciate ATB’s generous contribution to our [project/program/event].

ATB Financial logos

1. Colour applications

In any colour application, the logo should always be displayed using ATB Blue. However, if it’s being used on a flood of ATB blue, the logo is reversed to white.

Exception: The ATB logo may be placed in black when higher contrast is needed (for example, when the logo is placed on a colour background other than ATB blue).

Note: The ATB logo is meant to be a single colour and should not be given a fill.

2. Grayscale applications

Mainly for newsprint applications only. Our logo should be set in black when used in greyscale, or reversed in white for use on dark backgrounds.

3. Minimum space

It’s important to surround the logo with clear space. This ensures it stands out and isn’t encroached by other graphic elements.

Note: The clear space scales proportionally with the brand mark—the larger the mark, the larger the white space.

4. Minimum size

The minimum logo size should only be used when space is extremely limited.

Get started

Download the ATB logos

Advertising and promotional materials

Should you decide to place an advertisement in a local media outlet, please email socialinnovation@atb.com.

Social Media

Engaging, authentic content always performs best in social media, and the best way to do that is with an image.

Here is our request for sharing on social media:

  1. Please be sure to like or follow ATB Financials' accounts.
  2. Tag us @ATBFinancial in your social media post when acknowledging donation support or promoting the success of your program or event.

ATB Financial Social Media Accounts

Follow us and mention @atbfinancial in the related post

Instagram: @atbfinancial
Follow us and tag @atbfinancial in the related posts or stories

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ATBFinancial/
Like our page and mention @atbfinancial in the related post or stories

X (formerly Twitter): @atbfinancial
Follow us and tag @atbfinancial in the related post

When you tag us @atbfinancial, our social media community management team will see the tag and have the opportunity to like/comment/share on the recognition. We are always on the look-out for compelling stories from donation recipients and we may share with our followers, or reach out for more information, on a case-by-case basis.

Here are the suggested image sized for each channel:

Instagram and Facebook:

  • Image: 1080 x 1080
  • Video: 9:16 (1080 x 1920), .MP4 or .MOV, 23s-60s, 4GB max


  • Image: 1200 x 628, max 3MB
  • Video: 1:2.4 - 2.4:1, .MPF and MP3, <90s, 5GB, 10FPS - 60 FPS

Sample post

Here is an example post if you need some inspiration.

Media Relations

If you choose to write a news release naming ATB Financial it must be reviewed by ATB prior to distribution. Please contact Social Impact.

Need assistance?

We are here to help. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Social Impact.

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