Sponsorship criteria & guidelines (a must read!)

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Before you apply

We’re excited that you’re excited to apply for a sponsorship. However, too many applications come in that do not fit our criteria and, sadly, we cannot accept them. Reading through this page of guidelines now can save you valuable time by ensuring your application is eligible before you apply.

What should I apply for: a sponsorship or a donation?

Donations are financial contributions to a charitable organization based on the benefit to the community, and without expectation of a return on investment.

Sponsorships are strategic partnerships negotiated with an event or organization that returns specific and measurable value back to ATB’s business and brand. While the event or organization may support a charitable cause, the opportunity must connect back to ATB’s specific sponsorship objectives to receive consideration for investment.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a sponsorship from ATB, events, initiatives or organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 90 days or three months before the start of the event or initiative.
  • Applications must clearly connect to one of our focus areas (Arts & Culture, Community & Social Development, Sports & Wellness, and Business Markets).
  • Applications must clearly benefit Albertans and Alberta’s communities.
  • Events and organizations must be able to communicate results and impact from funding.
  • Applications must demonstrate an event, initiative or organization’s commitment to inclusion, diversity and equitable representation for all Albertans.
  • Applications must demonstrate an event, initiative or organization’s commitment to providing safe, secure and respectful event environments for all Albertans.

ATB does not provide funding for:

  • Building or facility naming rights
  • Fundraising events
  • Advocacy groups or lobbying organizations
  • Political groups or events
  • Religious groups or events
  • Amateur sports teams
  • Private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Competition fees
  • Facility capital costs
  • Film, video, television or book productions
  • Mass mailings or solicitations

Do you support a culture of belonging?

ATB recognizes the value in our diversity and is committed to raising the level of inclusion, diversity and equity in our communities to be representative of all Albertans. We’re interested in understanding how your event, initiative or organization is committed to uplifting and making belonging possible for all Albertans. Here are some of the questions you will be asked in your application:

  • If you are requesting funding for an event, have you considered making it accessible for Albertans with physical disabilities or socioeconomic barriers?
  • Please indicate if the makeup of your vendors, speakers and/or venue selection includes members of historically underrepresented groups such as women, Black persons, Indigenous people, People of colour, persons with disabilities 2SLGBTQIA+ and gender diverse individuals.
  • Does your organization prioritize the needs of historically underserved communities? For example, rural communities, communities with disabilities, racialized Albertans (People of Colour), etc.
  • Does your organization keep up with knowledge on diversity, equity and inclusion?


Do you support safer spaces? 

ATB recognizes that not all places can be safe 100% of the time for 100% of the people., However, we remain committed to ensuring Albertans feel safe, secure, and respected in our sponsored event environments, whether they are participating as spectators, volunteers, vendors or organizers. We’re interested in understanding how your event, initiative or organization is committed to uplifting and making safety possible for all Albertans. Should your event or organization be considered for an ATB sponsorship, here are the questions you will be asked.

  • Does your event or organization have a code of conduct?
  • How will people participating in your event or initiative be kept safer?

Ready to apply?

If you have confirmed you are eligible by reading the criteria above, we welcome your application!

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