Sponsorship criteria & guidelines (a must read!)

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Before you apply

We’re excited that you’re excited to apply for a sponsorship. However, too many applications come in that do not fit our criteria and, sadly, we cannot accept them. Reading through this page of guidelines now can save you valuable time by ensuring your application is eligible before you apply.

What should I apply for: a sponsorship or a donation?

Sponsorships are strategic partnerships negotiated with an organization or event planners to help build goodwill and grow brand recognition. ATB sponsors events primarily for marketing purposes. While the activity may support a charitable cause, ATB receives negotiated recognition.

Donations are financial contributions to a charitable organization based on the benefit to the community and without expectation of a return on investment.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for funding from ATB Financial, organizations and projects must meet the criteria below. (Please note that our fiscal year is April 1-March 31, aligning with the Government of Alberta.)

  • All applications for sponsorship must be submitted a minimum of 90 days or three months prior to the first day of the event/partnership opportunity
  • Organizations and causes must clearly benefit Albertans
  • Funds must support at least one of our giving focuses (Arts & Culture, Community & Social Development, Sports & Wellness, and Business Markets)
  • Organizations and projects must demonstrate compliance with relevant laws and regulations, fair and ethical treatment of employees and customers
  • Must be able to demonstrate need and show direct impact
  • Perceived need must be compelling and not duplicate existing services or facilities

ATB does not provide funding for:

  • Advertising or marketing costs
  • Advocacy groups or lobbying organizations
  • Competition fees
  • Educational institutions and schools, except for initiatives that fall outside of general expenses (e.g. breakfast programs, playgrounds)
  • Facility capital costs
  • Film, video, televisions and book productions
  • Individuals or individual pursuits
  • Mass mailings or solicitations
  • Operating costs (furniture, supplies, staff salaries, facility rental, etc.)
  • Organizations located outside of Alberta, or whose primary activities are outside Alberta
  • Political groups or events
  • Private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Private schools
  • Projects that are part of the ongoing responsibility of governments (e.g. schools, health, programs, municipal programs, etc.)
  • Religious groups or events (except where they represent non-denominational community and social support services)
  • Stand-alone research
  • Student or alumni associations
  • Third-party fundraisers or professional solicitors
  • Travel, accommodations, meal expenses, field trips, tours

ATB does not typically provide funding for:

  • Building or facilities naming
  • Conferences, forums, trade shows, conventions, seminars
  • Fundraising events
  • Golf tournaments
  • Sports teams, with the exception of elite level teams competing at an inter-provincial or national level (e.g. University and WHL teams)

Ready to apply?

If you have confirmed you are eligible by reading the criteria above, we welcome your application!

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