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US election day special

I'll take Canada-US Trade for 800 Alex

By ATB Economics 3 November 2020 1 min read

It’s election day for our American cousins so The Owl is taking a quick look at some of the economic ties that bind our two countries together.

Given that Alex Trebek is one of Canada’s many exports to the U.S., we thought we’d present the figures à la the game show Jeopardy that Trebek has hosted since 1984 (which pre-dates the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement by four years).

Category: Canada-US Trade
Clue: Canada’s largest export market
Answer (in the form of a question): What is the United States?
Canada exported $447 billion worth of goods to the US last year. This works out to three-quarters of Canada’s total international merchandise exports.

Clue: This country is Canada’s largest source of imports.
Answer: What is the United States?
Just over half ($305 billion) of the goods imported into Canada in 2019 came from the US.

Category: Alberta’s Exports
Clue: This commodity accounted for 72 per cent of Alberta’s international merchandise exports in 2019.
Answer: What is crude oil?

Clue: This country is the main buyer of Alberta oil.
Answer: What is the United States?
Of the $74.2 billion worth of crude oil Alberta exported last year, 99.7 per cent went to the US.

The US us Canada's main export market

The US us Canada's main export market

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