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Alberta’s manufacturing trade with the rest of Canada in 2022

By Rob Roach, ATB Economics 10 July 2024 1 min read

Newly released data from Statistics Canada show that British Columbia is Alberta’s largest domestic customer of manufactured goods and Ontario is its largest supplier.

Alberta manufacturers shipped about $26.7 billion worth of products to buyers in other provinces and territories in 2022. Of that, 37% went to B.C. followed by Ontario (22%), Saskatchewan (15%) and Quebec (12%).

Manufacturers in other parts of Canada shipped about $25 billion worth of products to Alberta with Ontario accounting for 38% of the total. B.C. was in second spot at 18% followed by Saskatchewan (17%) and Quebec (17%).

Although Alberta’s two-way trade of manufactured goods with Atlantic Canada came to over $1 billion in 2022, it amounted to only 2% of the total.

Food* was the largest category of goods sold by Alberta manufacturers to other parts of Canada at 40% of the total in 2022. Of this, 57% were meat products and 20% were grain and oilseed milling products such as flour, malt and canola oil.

Petroleum products like gasoline were the next largest internal export from Alberta at 15% of the total followed by chemical products at 11%.

In terms of the goods sold to Alberta buyers by manufacturers in other parts of Canada, food products also tops the list at 29%. The type of food products Alberta imports is more evenly dispersed across categories than its exports with meat accounting for 24% of the total, dairy 21%, pet food 12% and preserved fruits and vegetables 11%.

Chemical products were second on the list of the manufactured goods shipped to Alberta from other parts of Canada in 2022 at 10% of the total followed by machinery at 6% and wood products at 5%.

*Manufactured food products do not include primary agriculture products such as wheat, fresh fruit or live animals.

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British Columbia was the largest buyer of manufactured goods from Alberta in 2022

British Columbia was the largest buyer of manufactured goods from Alberta in 2022

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