Goat insurance sales skyrocket

By Pamela Leier 23 May 2018 1 min read

ATB team members in Rycroft take kidding around seriously. Seriously enough to smash previous fundraising records for Teddy for a Toonie, ATB's annual fundraising campaign in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital and Alberta Children's Hospital.

“We’ve always supported Teddy for a Toonie, but I wanted to do something different this year,” says Meagan Lundquist, personal banking specialist. “I love animals, so auctioning off my aunt’s goat seemed like a good plan.”


Billy the fainting billy goat

Billy is a five-year-old goat who doesn’t play well with others. His demeanor makes breeding a challenge, so Meagan’s aunt wants to find him a new home.

He is promoted as an eco-friendly lawn mower, but he stinks. He stinks really bad.

The plan: Goat Insurance

Instead of a standard auction, the team came up with something a little different. Here's how it works:

Customers are excited and horrified

Once nominated, Meagan and her team call customers to tell them the good news. At first, there is confusion. Some of them think they've misheard and believe they've won a "boat".

“We hear it all,” Meagan giggles. “When customers are finally convinced that we are serious, they laugh and laugh and laugh.”

Ninety per cent of them hustle to the branch to buy Goat Insurance, cancelling their personal nomination. Then they mischievously donate another $10, throwing three more people “under the Billy Bus”.​

And there is the odd customer who actually wants to win Billy.

Though the Rycroft team has put 100+ hours into planning and phone calls, they are thrilled. This is the most fun they’ve ever had with the annual fundraiser.

“Goating” customers has doubled the donation

The Rycroft branch has smashed its previous Teddy for a Toonie fundraising record of $5,000. Goat Insurance has helped bring in more than $11,000 so far.

“Our team members can't go anywhere in the community without people stopping them to ask about Billy. We’ve got the best community members around, so this is an efficient way to reach as many of them as humanly possible,” she boasts.

Wanna kid around?

Teddy for a Toonie wraps up at the end of May. Meagan welcomes you to call 780-765-3055 or email her at mlundquist@atb.com to get involved.

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