One year in and still growing

Celebrating one year with GrowATB

By Aminah Syed 26 November 2020 2 min read

The Grow Team

ATB knew its customers needed convenient online tools. The fastest and easiest way to make and operate these tools would be to do it in-house.

Enter Grow Technologies Inc.

One year ago, ATB acquired Grow in its first acquisition in as long as anyone can remember. The Vancouver-based fintech firm was making a name for itself delivering exceptional, AI-powered customer experiences with hyper-personalized financial insights.

A perfect fit for ATB

“Our customers are expecting digital experiences for everything they do, including their banking,” says Sunita Coloma, Managing Director, Everyday Product. “While providing digital solutions has been a focus for the last few years, acquiring Grow and then going into a pandemic has only accelerated that work and those expectations.”

As COVID-19 shuttered brick and mortar locations, the desire for online products and services grew into a necessity and the Grow team was ready to implement many of the tools and technologies they had already been developing.

Thousands of applications processed

Since January 2020, ATB has been able to make 20 products available in digital channels—from deposit accounts, to credit cards, to loans.

“The pace of delivery is fast, it’s incredible to be a part of,” says Coloma.

More than 12,000 applications have come through since our new account opening experience launched.

The team also kicked it into high gear to create an online Canadian Emergency Business Account (CEBA) intake and application process for business and not-for-profit customers seeking support during COVID-19. This enabled end-to-end automation for the majority of applications. Approximately 20,000 CEBA applications were submitted and completed online through

"COVID has had serious implications to our economy and communities, and its lingering effects will endure for many years,” says Matt Naish, Managing Director, GrowATB.

“At the onset of developing the CEBA application system Albertans were hurting and telling us ‘I used to have an income and it went to zero overnight.’ ‘I’m having trouble putting food on the table. The implementation of the CEBA onboarding system was done by our team in a few days, including over a long weekend, and although I am forever grateful for their efforts, I am also not surprised they rallied around this dire need."

GrowATB was also able to squeeze out an online appointment booking tool that allowed new and existing customers to find a time to meet with an ATB team member.

GrowATB = Grow All Things Banking

Now the team is looking to enhance the digital experience for even more products like mortgages applications and renewals, fraud technology, lending and single-identity solutions.

While many in the province might feel uncertain about the future, the GrowATB team is forging ahead with clarity.

The goal: to digitize and automate processes to help Albertans become more self-reliant in their banking.

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