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By ATB Financial 22 June 2022 3 min read

Pride month is an incredible time to celebrate, reflect, learn and uplift members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We know it is important to continually listen, learn and evolve - 356 days a year. Last year, we saw an opportunity to revisit our Pride imagery as we recognized a need to evolve in solidarity with the community. With an older Pride logo which didn’t represent all of the communities we support and acknowledge, we put pen to paper for a meaningful revamp to put the LGBTQIA2S+ community front and centre.

ATB’s updated logo included the full spectrum of the Progress Pride flag colours as we wanted to recognize the intersectionality of BIPOC community members, trans individuals, those living with HIV/AIDS, and those that have been lost. Stonewall, a pivotal moment in queer history and the gay rights movement, was led by trans women of colour. The adoption of the progress pride flag colours also pay homage to the contributions they made. Without them, there would be no Pride as we know it.

“The Progress Pride flag colours are rooted in remembrance. It's important to recognize where we came from, the headway that we have made and the progress we have yet to make to achieve equity, inclusion and belonging,” says Louis Martyres, senior manager diversity, inclusion and belonging. “It’s all about evolving, educating, learning and acknowledging the different lived experiences and intersectionalities of the community.”

We understand the terms used to characterize sexual orientations and gender identities are constantly evolving to better represent every individual. To reflect this evolution, we’ve added the letter “A” within the Pride acronym to ensurethe inclusion of asexual community members. In an effort to best show up for our LGBTQIA2S+ community, we’re updating all of our communications to reflect this important development and to ensure there is consistency across our platforms.

ATB is committed to standing up for causes that are important to our clients and our community. We are dedicated to working internally to make ATB equitable for all who work and bank with us, and to do the work to support our diverse communities externally.

We are proud to continue our partnership with the Calgary Centre for Sexuality which includes helping expand the Centre’s programs to rural Alberta communities and to assist groups supporting diverse gender identities. Additionally, we’re honoured to support the University of Alberta’s Insitute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, which includes programs like Community Health Empowerment and Wellness, OUTpost, fyrefly in Schools and Where the Rivers Meet. ATB also supports Reading with Royalty in partnership with the Calgary Public Library and the Didsbury Library.

We’re excited to add two new partnerships which include supporting MacEwan University’s Centre for Gender Diversity which focuses on research, teaching and service work in relation to sexual orientation, gender indentity and gender expression on campus and in the community, and Skipping Stone Foundation which focuses on offering youth a welcoming, positive, and judgement-free space for anyone who identities as trans, transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse, as well as those questioning, exploring or looking to affirming their gender identity or expression.


Pride in 2022

In partnership with Local Laundry, ATB has developed another limited edition run of custom crewnecks and toques leveraging the brand’s progress heart design, which garnered a So(cial) Good Design award win with the Association of Registered Graphic Designers in 2021. The award program is an annual design competition that celebrates design’s undeniable power to incite meaningful action and make positive change.

A portion of every sale ($50 per crewneck and $20 per toque) will be donated to the Skipping Stone Foundation and their mental health programming for the LGBTQIA2S+ community. You can purchase the crewneck and toques through Local Laundry.

Learn more about Skipping Stone Foundation’s work with trans and gender-diverse youth, adults and families.

While we show up externally during Pride month and Pride celebrations, our work toward inclusion, diversity and belonging happens 365 days a year. Over the coming year, stay tuned for announcements and opportunities to engage and support the LGBTQIA2S+ community and beyond.

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