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Tax-Free Savings Account

Find all the Tax Free Savings Account interest rates for the ATB Tax-Free Saver Account, the Non-Redeemable TFSA and the Redeemable Springboard TFSA GICs.

​Limited Time Offer

Get the most from your savings. Earn a 1% interest rate bonus on new deposits made into your Tax-Free Saver Account between September 1, 2018 and April 30, 2019.†​

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 Tax-Free Saver Account

Details Rates
$0–4,999 1.00%
$5,000–99,999 1.00%
$100,000 and over 1.00%

 Non-Redeemable Terms in Years

Details Rates
1 Year 1.46%
15 Month 1.60%
2 Year 2.31%
3 Year 2.00%
4 Year 2.10%
5 Year 2.20%

 Redeemable 1 Year Cashable TFSA GIC

Details Rate
Full Term - Redeemable Anytime 0.50%
Early Redemption (90 Days or Greater) 0.50%
Early Redemption (30-89 Days) 0.10%
Early Redemption (0-29 Days) 0.00%

 Redeemable 3 Year Springboard TFSA GIC

Details Rates
Year 1 2.00%
Year 2 2.30%
Year 3 2.50%
Blended Interest Rate 2.27%
* Redeemable on each anniversary date

 Redeemable 5 Year Springboard TFSA GIC

Details Rates
Year 1 2.00%
Year 2 2.30%
Year 3 2.50%
Year 4 2.51%
Year 5 2.52%
Blended Interest Rate 2.37%
* Redeemable on each anniversary date

Rates are per annum and are subject to change without notice.​

† The 1% bonus offer is available only on new deposits made from September 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019 into Tax-Free Saver Accounts. Both existing and new customers are eligible for the bonus. If you’re an existing customer, this bonus applies to any new deposits above your balance as of September 1, 2018.

For example, if you have $100 in your account on September 1, 2018, any new deposits above $100 would receive the 1% bonus. Funds not receiving the bonus rate continue to receive the regular interest rate of the account.

If you have a maturing investment that is deposited into an eligible account, that deposit will not be eligible for the 1% bonus (but it will still receive the regular interest rate of the account). Tax implications may be associated with this offer. Please consult your tax advisor with regard to your personal tax situation. This offer is subject to change without notice.


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