ATB Supplier Resources

‚ÄčEach year, numerous ATB procurement opportunities, known as Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are made available to the public. If you or the company you work for would like to submit a proposal, please search for ATB Financial within the Alberta Purchasing Connection website.

What ATB Looks For
Cost is an important factor in ATB’s purchasing decisions; however, cost is not the only evaluation criteria ATB considers when selecting potential suppliers. ATB strives to obtain the best quality products and services, for the best available price. This is done in concert with our evaluation process, due diligence practices, and assessing alignment to business requirements and ATB's culture.

Buying Green and Safe Disclosure
To aid ATB in reducing its carbon footprint, ATB’s preference is to buy goods and services from suppliers that have sound environmental policies and practices. When selecting ATB’s suppliers, consideration is given to suppliers addressing environmental issues. At a minimum, it is ATB’s expectation that all its suppliers carry out their work in compliance with current environmental legislation and environmental protection laws.

To promote Safe Disclosure at ATB, we have created a channel for ATB suppliers to report any suspected incidents or ethical concerns.

Additional Information
To submit an overview of the goods and services your company provides, inform ATB of innovations or ask general inquiries, please email the Third Party Relationships team at

The Supplier Travel Policy is included here as further resource for suppliers working with ATB.

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