How to do a Forward and Time Option contracts with ATB FX

Forward and Time Option contracts can help your business plan for the future by providing certainty about exchange rates. Learn how to lock in your rate and eliminate market uncertainty.

Helpful markers

  • 0:06 What forward contracts are and how they can help your business.
  • 0:46 Start of single-dated forwards example. 
  • 0:50 How to lock-in a rate today to buy currency on a future day (Euros in this example) 
  • 1:10 How to setup a contract to sell currency in the future (US dollars in this example)
  • 1:46 Start of section on option-dated forwards, also called window forwards.
  • 2:06 How to setup an option-dated forward to buy currency (Euros in this example)
  • 2:59 How to setup an option-dated forward to sell currency (US dollars in this example)

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