How to order cheques on ATB Personal

Learn how to order cheques quickly and easily using the ATB Personal banking website.

Order personalized cheques and related accessories from our preferred supplier, D+H ChequeCentral, quickly and securely on ATB Personal.

  1. Log in to ATB Personal.
  2. From the Overview screen, click More in the primary navigation.
    1. Or you can click the three dots to the right of the quick links on any deposit account details screen and click Order cheques to see a copy of the initial form that pre-selects that account.
  3. From the More menu, click Account services.
  4. On the Account services screen, in the Order cheques tab, select the account for which you want to order cheques.
  5. The Name that will appear on your cheques matches your online banking profile. You can change it if preferred.
  6. The Address that will appear on the cheques matches your online banking profile.
    1. Click the update your profile link to change it if needed.
  7. The Phone number and/or Email address that will appear on your cheques match your online banking profile. You can change them if preferred.
    1. If you don’t want this information to appear on your cheques, click the X at the right of each field or click into the field and delete the information.
  8. If you’re happy with your entries, click Next, which will open a new tab on the D+H ChequeCentral site to continue your order.
  9. On the D+H ChequeCentral order screen, if you entered a phone number and/or email address in step 7, be sure to select the relevant information from the Phone and Email menus.
    1. Then click Update to see all the information that will appear on your cheques.
  10. If you’re happy with your personalization options, click Continue order.
  11. You’ll then be able to choose your preferred style of cheques and related accessories. You can also view the status of past orders.

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