How to manage recurring contributions to your ATB Prosper accounts (Web)

Learn how to quickly and easily make and edit recurring contributions to your ATB Prosper account.

  1. Log in to your ATB Prosper dashboard
  2. From the Prosper dashboard, click your desired investment goal (account) if it's not the default
  3. Scroll down to the Edit Goal section and click the Edit Goal button
  4. On the Edit Goal screen, under the Recurring Contribution section, enter the amount you wish to contribute; the other fields will auto-complete; review and change them as needed
  5. Click Save changes when you’re finished
    1. After you’ve double-checked your changes, click the checkbox to confirm that you’ve read the Fund Facts PDF (if you haven’t, click View Fund Facts PDF )
  6. Click Confirm 
  7. You’ll see a success message confirming your changes, which means you're all done! 

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Step 2, select goal from Prosper dashboard screen

Step 2

Step 3, scroll and select Edit Goal

Step 3

Step 4, enter amount for contribution

Step 4

Step 5, save contribution changes

Step 5

Step 5a

Step 5a

Step 5b, confirmation message

Step 5b

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